Case Study: Openwave

By switching over to the Cassandra model, Openwave is now able to use lower-cost hardware to house data storage. It also can distribute data across multiple nodes, thereby increasing fault tolerance. And with Cassandra also serving as its database, Openwave is free of licensing fees.

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“Here are the big ‘checkbox’ items for us with Apache Cassandra: There is no single point of failure, it offers high read-and-write performance, it has the ability to work on commodity hardware, and it’s license-free.” - Utpal Thakrar, Openwave

Company: Openwave Systems, Inc.

Overview: Openwave Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: OPWV) is a global software innovator delivering highly scalable platform solutions in the areas of mediation and messaging that enable operators to monetize the growing demand for mobile data while optimizing their use of network resources. It is credited with developing much of the technology behind the wireless application protocol (WAP) standard and has been providing carrierclass mobile data services for more than 14 years.Today, Openwave delivers over 3 billion mobile data transactions per day.

Utpal Thakrar is the principal product manager in charge of messaging services at Openwave. Email is the company’s primary messaging product, and Thakrar says the way people are using it today—and how they view the “shelf-life” of their data—is putting great pressure on messaging services providers like Openwave. “The average size of email messages is increasing, primarily due to the inclusion of high-def camera and video content. The amount of ‘stuff’ that is just sitting around in the inbox is growing, as well,” he explains. “People are using email as a ‘brain’ in the cloud. They expect to have infinite storage, and that their messages will be easily searchable and remain available to them forever.”

In operation since 2007, is dedicated to helping people easily find the information and resources they can trust. This mission resonates with users: in just a few years, has grown to be a top 200 website with 12 million visitors per month.

Challenge: To adapt to rapidly changing email use patterns, including users’ long-term storage of emails with rich content and large attachments, and to meet subscriber expectations to provide “infinite”, searchable and low-cost email storage and help prevent data losee due to disruptive events

Solution: The elastically scalable Apache CAssandra data platform—with out-of-the-box geo-redundancy capabilities and “cluster ring” architecture with identical nodes and no single point of failure— allows Openwave to meet ever-growing data storage and processing needs of subscribers while reducing costs