Webinar: The Business of Analytics and Scalability

Title: The Business of Analytics and Scalability: Getting What You Need Quickly

Description: Even today, only a few members of an organization can perform the kind of analysis they really need — often due to cost concerns, data complexity, and time constraints. The good news is that real-time data integration and analysis is increasingly possible thanks to innovations in open-source database technologies like Apache Cassandra, and a host of new analytical capabilities powered by Hadoop.

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to learn from veteran Analyst Robin Bloor, who will explain how the use of an Information Oriented Architecture can open doors for faster, more relevant analysis. He’ll be briefed by DataStax CTO and Apache Cassandra project chair Jonathan Ellis, who will describe the unique architecture of Cassandra, which allows for fast distribution of Big Data and virtually unlimited scalability. You’ll also hear use cases from a variety of verticals.

Each episode of The Briefing Room includes a brief topical overview by Eric Kavanagh, followed by a 20-minute technical vendor presentation, a five-minute analyst response, and then a live, unscripted briefing between the analyst, vendor and audience. All Webcasts are archived here: TheVirtualCircle