Benchmarking Top NoSQL Databases

Title: Benchmarking Top NoSQL Databases

Description: Fast performance is key for nearly every data-driven system, and IT professionals work hard to ensure that the database they select is optimized for the success of their application use cases. The best way to evaluate platforms is to conduct a formal Proof-of-Concept (POC) in the environment in which the database will run, under anticipated data and concurrent user workloads.

POC processes that include the right benchmarks, such as configurations, parameters and workloads, give developers and architects powerful insight about the platforms under consideration.

After engineers at the University of Toronto conducted a 2012 benchmark, finding Apache Cassandra the “clear winner throughout our experiments”, End Point Corporation, a database and open source consulting company, benchmarked the top NoSQL databases – Apache Cassandra, Apache HBase, and MongoDB – using a variety of different workloads on AWS. This paper documents the results obtained by End Point and provides details on how each database performed.