What’s New in DataStax Enterprise 3.0?

Title: What’s New in DataStax Enterprise 3.0

Description: DataStax Enterprise Edition is a complete big data platform, built on a production-certified version of Apache Cassandra™, that is architected to manage real-time, batch analytic, and enterprise search data all in the same database cluster. DataStax Enterprise consists of three components:

  1. DataStax Enterprise Server, which is a big data management platform that uses Apache Cassandra for real-time data management, Hadoop for batch analytics, and Apache Solr for enterprise search operations.
  2. OpsCenter Enterprise, which is a visual, browser-based management tool that allows administrators to manage all database clusters, whether they are on premise, across multiple data centers, or in the cloud, from a single interface.
  3. Expert support, which is delivered by the big data professionals at DataStax and includes around-the-clock coverage.
  4. This paper discusses the enhancements included in version 3.0 of DataStax Enterprise Edition, which is targeted at addressing the areas of security and enterprise manageability.