DataStax Software Release Policy

DataStax makes available this software release policy to inform its customers of its intentions regarding new software releases. DataStax may amend this software release policy at any time.

DataStax Community Edition

DataStax Community Edition is a free packaged distribution of Apache Cassandra™ made available by DataStax that also includes a free version of DataStax OpsCenter, sample databases and applications, and smart installers for various platforms.

DataStax aims to keep the version of Apache Cassandra contained within DataStax Community Edition as current as possible with each new release of Apache Cassandra that is produced. DataStax strives to have new Apache Cassandra releases included in DataStax Community Edition within two weeks of each new community Cassandra release being made public. Longer delays may occur if DataStax experiences involved technical issues with bundling a new Cassandra release into DataStax Community Edition.

Note that DataStax offers one and only one version of DataStax Community Edition at any one time, which is not formally supported by DataStax.

DataStax Enterprise Edition

DataStax Enterprise Edition is a commercial big data platform, built on Apache Cassandra, which is architected to manage real-time, analytic, and enterprise search data in the same database cluster. From a software perspective, DataStax Enterprise includes a certified version of Apache Cassandra, as well as Apache Hadoop, Apache Solr, and an enterprise version of DataStax OpsCenter.

With respect to new releases of DataStax Enterprise Edition, DataStax endeavors to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Two major/minor releases of DataStax Enterprise Edition will occur, at a minimum, each calendar year. Additional releases may also occur during a year at DataStax’s discretion.
  • For DataStax Enterprise Edition, maintenance service packs consisting only of bug fixes will be supplied on a schedule based on customer need, issue severity, and other factors.
  • New versions of Apache Cassandra will be integrated into DataStax Enterprise Edition once a chosen version passes DataStax’s internal certification program (that consists of rigorous quality assurance/QA testing, performance benchmarking, and defect resolution), which is specifically designed to ensure a chosen version of Cassandra is ready for production environments.
  • DataStax aims to have new major/minor versions of Cassandra integrated into DataStax Enterprise Edition within three months of a new community release, however a longer gap may be experienced if DataStax determines more time is needed for QA and issue resolution. In those cases, DataStax makes the commitment to make available a beta version of DataStax Enterprise Edition for customers who wish to test new features that exist in the latest Cassandra version being integrated. DataStax makes the commitment that a maximum gap of six months will occur between new major/minor releases of Cassandra and its integration into DataStax Enterprise Edition.

DataStax OpsCenter

DataStax OpsCenter is a visual management and monitoring solution for big data platforms that is offered in two editions: a community edition that may be freely used to perform basic administration and monitoring of an Apache Cassandra database cluster, and an enterprise edition that is bundled into Datastax Enterprise Edition.

In regard to new OpsCenter releases, DataStax aims to abide by the following guidelines:

  • At a minimum, two new releases of DataStax OpsCenter (both Community and Enterprise Editions) will occur in each calendar year, with the timing being either at the same time a new release of DataStax Enterprise Edition occurs, or shortly thereafter. Additional releases may occur at DataStax’s discretion.
  • For each supported release of OpsCenter Enterprise Edition, a maintenance service pack consisting only of bug fixes will be supplied at various times throughout the year, with the timing being based on bug severity and customer demand.