DataStax OpsCenter: Advantages

Simplified management for DataStax Enterprise and Cassandra database clusters.

DataStax OpsCenter makes it easy to manage Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise clusters. It allows administrators, architects and developers to manage, monitor and control even the most complex database workloads with point-and-click ease from a centralized web browser.

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Key Advantages of DataStax OpsCenter

See the Big Picture

OpsCenter helps you more easily manage your database infrastructure because it allows you to literally see everything, down to the smallest detail. It does so through a range of intuitive visualization options that show the state of all nodes in a cluster. It gives your teams an at-a-glance view of which nodes are up and down and their performance over time. It also provides comprehensive management and configuration abilities to perform all administration tasks. Additionally, your teams can create new database objects, manage maintenance activities and perform other database tasks such as backups, all in a visual manner.

Stay in control – from anywhere

OpsCenter installs seamlessly and is accessible from any web browser. Now your teams can manage everything no matter where they happen to be (in the office or remote), what device they are using (desktop, laptop, tablet), or where their databases are deployed (on premise, in multiple data centers or the cloud). Better still, because it runs in standard web browsers, it requires no additional client software.

Easily manage complex workloads – wherever your data happens to be

OpsCenter greatly streamlines the management and administration of diverse real-time, analytic and search workloads across your data management ecosystem. With just a few clicks, you can monitor and carry out tasks on nodes running real-time Apache Cassandra transactions, Apache Hadoop batch analytics (including Hadoop-related MapReduce, Pig and Hive tasks), and Apache Solr enterprise search. OpsCenter also supports the monitoring of all nodes across multiple data centers so administrators and operations staff can easily diagnose and monitor their systems no matter where they’re physically located – on premise, across multiple data centers or in the cloud.

Create custom dashboard views – fast

Using the dashboard, operators can also drill down into each cluster and customize their own performance views selected from a wide variety of database performance and operating system metrics. It provides graphical displays of performance metrics in real-time that you can access with just a click of a button. It also automatically captures and stores metrics should you wish to perform historical trend analysis over time.

Rest easy with proactive alerts and notifications

With OpsCenter, operators can define alerts based on performance thresholds and be notified even when they’re away from a computer. Alerts can be based on statistical thresholds of your choosing. When a threshold is violated, alerts appear on the global dashboard. OpsCenter is also able to send alert notifications about situations needing immediate attention to key personnel when they are not in front of a web browser.

Rebalance clusters in a snap

Adding new nodes to a Cassandra or DataStax Enterprise cluster often requires that data be rebalanced across the cluster, a sometimes difficult and time-consuming manual task. But with OpsCenter, rebalancing clusters can be done automatically and in just seconds. An operator simply pulls up the cluster they want to rebalance, clicks on the “Rebalance Cluster” button, and OpsCenter does the rest.