Transform How You Interact with Customers

DataStax is driving the Apache Cassandra™ database to be the first viable alternative to Oracle for companies who are transforming the way they interact with customers. From startups to Fortune 100 Enterprises, customer-facing applications must now scale to levels that were unimaginable just a few years ago, but scaling alone isn’t enough. Companies also require uptime, all the time, in lightning fast environments, precisely where traditional databases fail.

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DataStax Enterprise

Powered by Apache Cassandra™, Certified for Production

For all the goodness of Apache Cassandra, it is not enough when it comes to betting your business on new technology. For that you need a partner that delivers the C* Seal of Approval: a production-ready version of Cassandra that is fully supported by the world’s leading experts 24×7, with integrated search and analytics. Move your ideas to production more quickly, with lower costs and no complicated data movement.

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DataStax OpsCenter

Manage Your Systems More Easily

Streamline how you manage your data workloads using a single pane of glass with this intuitive web-based console.

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Get the expertise you need to successfully deploy, operate and maintain your big data systems.

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Hone your technical knowledge and skills to increase the benefits you get from our big data solutions.

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Want to ensure that the new big data apps you’re creating will take full advantage of big data capabilities? We can help.

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