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DataStax Enterprise: Platforms

Enterprise-class NoSQL platform for data-driven, real-time online applications

Get continuous availability, fast performance, strong security, and operational simplicity for your online database applications

DataStax Enterprise (DSE), built on Apache Cassandra™, delivers what modern businesses need to compete in today’s high-speed, always-on data economy. With in-memory computing capabilities, enterprise-level security, fast and powerful built-in analytics and enterprise search, visual management, and expert support, DataStax Enterprise is the best database choice for online applications that require fast performance with no downtime.

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DataStax Enterprise Supported Platforms

The following is a list of platforms supported by DataStax Enterprise. The table below shows supported operating systems, the system architecture and their functionality with DataStax Enterprise versions.

Operating System Architecture 2.x-4.0.x
Centos 5.8-6.5 x86 Dev only
Centos 5.8-6.5 x86_64 Full
Debian 6.x-7.1 x86 Dev only
Debian 6.x-7.1 x86_64 Full
OSX 10.6 x86, x86_64 Dev only
OSX 10.5 x86, x86_64 Dev only
Oracle Linux 6 x86 Dev only
Oracle Linux 6 x86_64 Full
Red Hat
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.8-6.5 x86 Dev only
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.8-6.5 x86_64 Full
SUSE Linux 11.2 x86_64 Full
SUSE Linux 11.4 x86_64 Full
Ubuntu 11.x-13.04 x86 Dev only
Ubuntu 11.x-13.04 x86_64 Full