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DataStax Enterprise: Platforms

Get continuous availability, blazing fast analytics, strong security, and operational simplicity for your online database applications.

DataStax Enterprise (DSE), built on Apache Cassandra™, delivers what Internet Enterprises need to compete in today’s high-speed, always-on data economy. With in-memory computing capabilities, enterprise-level security, fast and powerful integrated analytics and enterprise search, visual management, and expert support, DataStax Enterprise is the leading distributed database choice for online applications that require fast performance with no downtime.

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DataStax Enterprise Supported Platforms

The following is a list of platforms supported by DataStax Enterprise. The table below shows supported operating systems, the system architecture and their functionality with DataStax Enterprise versions.

Operating System Architecture 3.0.x to 4.6.x
Centos 5.8-6.5 x86 Dev only
Centos 5.8-6.5 x86_64 Full
Debian 6.x-7.1 x86 Dev only
Debian 6.x-7.1 x86_64 Full
OSX 10.6 x86, x86_64 Dev only
OSX 10.5 x86, x86_64 Dev only
Oracle Linux 6 x86 Dev only
Oracle Linux 6 x86_64 Full
Red Hat
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.8-6.5 x86 Dev only
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.8-6.5 x86_64 Full
SUSE Linux 11.2 x86_64 Full
SUSE Linux 11.4 x86_64 Full
Ubuntu 11.x-13.04 x86 Dev only
Ubuntu 11.x-13.04 x86_64 Full
Ubuntu 14.04 x86 Dev only
Ubuntu 14.04 x86_64 Full