DataStax Enterprise Subscriptions

With a DataStax Enterprise subscription, you get everything you need for deploying enterprise-ready, Internet Enterprise applications on Cassandra. Only DataStax Enterprise supplies a complete and integrated big data platform for managing transactional, analytic, enterprise search, and in-memory data in a single database cluster. Subscriptions are available for both production and non-production environments.

DataStax Enterprise Subscriptions are available in two different packages. DataStax Enterprise Standard contains the minimum set of features and capabilities recommended by DataStax for production environments. DataStax Enterprise Max is recommended for applications that have mixed workload requirements (e.g., the need to run analytics, in-memory or search operations on transactional data).

Note that each deployed database cluster must be uniform with respect to its purchased subscription (i.e. you cannot have a deployed cluster with some nodes being Standard and other nodes are Max). However, you can deploy different clusters with different subscription levels (e.g., 3 clusters that are Standard and 4 that are Max).

Standard Max
Server Data Management Components
Production-certified Cassandra Checkmark Checkmark
Advanced Security Option Checkmark Checkmark
Automatic Repair Service Checkmark Checkmark
Capacity Planning Service Checkmark Checkmark
Performance Service Checkmark Checkmark
Best Practice Service Checkmark Checkmark
Backup Service Checkmark Checkmark
In-Memory Option Checkmark
Enterprise search on Cassandra Checkmark
Analytics on Cassandra (Real-time, batch and external Hadoop support) Checkmark
Management Tools
OpsCenter Checkmark Checkmark
Support Services
Expert Support 1 hour 24x7x365 1 hour 24x7x365
Partner Developer Support Business hours Business hours
Certified software service packs Checkmark Checkmark
Platform Certification Checkmark Checkmark
Hot fixes Checkmark Checkmark
Bug escalation Checkmark Checkmark
Performance reviews Checkmark Checkmark
Custom builds Option

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