DataStax Sandbox

Get a personalized DataStax software environment, for free.
DataStax Sandbox is a packaged and personal virtual machine (VM) image that contains everything you need to get started with DataStax Software. DataStax Sandbox provides an easy way to get up to speed quickly on NoSQL, and specifically learn how to use DataStax Enterprise and its visual management and query tools in the shortest time possible.

Play in the DataStax Enterprise Sandbox for a hands-on experience.

DataStax Sandbox also contains a visual guide that walks you through the following tutorials in step-by-step fashion:
  • Introduction to NoSQL, Apache Cassandra, and DataStax Enterprise.
  • Creating, adding data, and querying database objects with the Cassandra Query Language (CQL) and DataStax DevCenter.
  • Managing database objects with CQL and the command line shell.
  • Managing and monitoring DataStax Enterprise with DataStax OpsCenter.
  • Advanced tutorial: running analytics on Cassandra data.
  • Advanced tutorial: running enterprise search operations on Cassandra data.
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