DS210: DataStax Enterprise Operations and Performance Tuning

Description: A thorough review of the tools, skills, and techniques needed to administer a Cassandra cluster, tune its performance, and diagnose and resolve common production problems. Students apply lesson content in exercises performed on real cloud-based clusters.
Length: 4 days online/3 days in person
Prerequisites: Completion of the Apache Cassandra: Core Concepts, Skills, and Tools course, or equivalent practical experience with Apache Cassandra. Students should be comfortable using Linux command line tools to successfully complete the learning exercises.
Audience: Software professionals who need to manage and performance tune an Apache Cassandra cluster.
Environment: Cloud-based Apache Cassandra cluster, related tools, and exercise files.

Learning Objectives

Managing a Cassandra Cluster

  • Bootstrap new nodes into a cluster
  • Understand cleanup operations
  • Remove downed nodes
  • Decommission nodes
  • Replace downed nodes

Maintaining a Cassandra Cluster

  • Change the replication factor
  • Understand repair operations
  • Perform backup and recovery
  • Rebuild index

Implementing a Multiple Data Center Cluster

  • Importance of multiple data centers
  • Implementing a second data center

Understanding Performance Tuning

  • How data modeling affects performance
  • Workload characterization
  • Performance characteristics of your cluster
  • Drill-down analysis
  • Latency analysis
  • Thread state analysis
  • Easy performance tuning wins
  • I/O (including hardware)
  • JVM & memory
  • Compaction

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