DataStax Ac*ademy brings you world-class training to boost your advantage

At DataStax, we're committed to helping your organization acquire the knowledge and skills it takes to gain maximum value from our big data solutions. To that end, we offer an array of world-class training courses for developers, system architects and administrators.

Participants receive a mix of classroom discussion and real-world lab exercises. Subjects cover the full spectrum of topics in the use of Apache Cassandra, Apache Hadoop, Apache Solr, DataStax Enterprise and DataStax OpsCenter.

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Developer Training with Cassandra

Course Duration: 2 days

Build a solid foundation in the architecture of Apache Cassandra and how to work with it. This course covers the Cassandra Query Language (CQL) in detail, as well as important data modeling techniques to optimize your usage of the database. Students build a data model for a financial services application using the skills gained in the course.

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Administrator Training with Cassandra

Course Duration: 2 days

Get completely up to speed on Apache Cassandra administration. Topics include: read/write paths, ring management, packaging, tuning, the system keyspace, managing data, sizing, troubleshooting and many others.

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DataStax Enterprise Search Using Apache Solr

Course Duration: 2 days

This course teaches the essentials of implementing search functionality using Apache Solr, how to configure it within DataStax Enterprise (DSE), and how to troubleshoot and solve common problems.

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On-site Training

In addition to the publicly-listed training events, we also provide private training on-site. If you'd like to arrange an on-site training session, please contact us.