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DS101: Introduction to DataStax Enterprise

A half-day overview of DataStax Enterprise. The course covers the architecture, scaling and fault tolerance features, and data model of Apache Cassandra, the open-source technology at the heart of DataStax Enterprise. We also review full-text search with Apache Solr, analytics with Apache Hadoop and Spark, and enterprise management with OpsCenter.

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DS201: Cassandra Core Concepts

A deeper dive into the core technology at the heart of DataStax Enterprise. Through lecture and numerous hands-on exercises, students learn the command-line tools required to manage a Cassandra instance, the Cassandra data model, the specifics of replication and fault tolerance, how to choose between strong eventual consistency, and Cassandra’s on-disk storage engine and compaction algorithms.

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DS210: DataStax Enterprise Operations and Performance Tuning

A thorough review of the tools, skills, and techniques needed to administer a Cassandra cluster, tune its performance, and diagnose and resolve common production problems. Students apply lesson content in exercises performed on real cloud-based clusters.

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DS220: Data Modeling with DataStax Enterprise

The Cassandra data model looks similar to the legacy relational model, but is different in important ways. This course contains a thorough treatment of the Cassandra data model, and presents the Chebotko method of translating a real-world domain model into a running Cassandra schema. The data modeling techniques presented in this course are essential to a successful DataStax Enterprise deployment.

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DS310: DataStax Enterprise Search with Apache Solr

Course Duration: 3 days online/2 days in person

A deep dive into Solr, the open-source engine behind DataStax Enterprise search capabilities. Through a mix of lecture and frequent hands-on labs, the course covers the integration of Solr and DataStax Enterprise. Topics include text tokenization and analysis, Solr schemas, the theory and operation of inverted indices, and the Solr query language.

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DS320: DataStax Enterprise Analytics with Apache Spark

Course Duration: 4 days online/3 days in person

A deep dive into Spark, the open-source engine behind DataStax Enterprise analytics capabilities. Students learn the Spark Context API through numerous hands-on exercises in Scala. Pair RDDs are treated in detail, including their integration with CQL tables to move data in and out of operational Cassandra structures. Students use the Action and Transformation APIs, and learn how Spark Streaming enables real-time analysis and Spark SQL enables ad-hoc SQL queries over data stored in Cassandra.

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