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DataStax works closely with our official training partners to bring you the best in technical training for Cassandra and DataStax software. Learn more about them below:


DigBigData Ltd. are a Dublin based company providing best-in-breed big data consultancy and training services to enterprises in numerous industries. We specialise in building systems using technologies such as Apache Cassandra, Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop. We help our customers roll out blazing fast, analytical systems to deliver insights for today’s data driven market.

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LearningPatterns has been providing premier education and mentoring services in advanced technologies since 1995 with a focus on Java, Cassandra / Big Data, and other Enterprise technologies. Our tight focus and our dedication to quality and best practices enables us to provide our clients with the just-in-time knowledge and skills transfer they need to deliver real-world projects. Our practical hands-on workshops and seminars provide software developers with the skills they require to accomplish today’s greatest development challenges.

LearningPatterns is proud to partner with DataStax in developing the next generation Advanced Developer Training course. Our deep experience in creating educational materials, combined with DataStax’s unparallelled expertise in Cassandra, is a powerful combination that enables us to create the highest quality educational materials for learning Cassandra.

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Naya College

Founded in 2009, NAYA College is a leading training center specializing in Data Platform courses. We have trained hundreds of professionals from numerous industries and have empowered each and every one of our students to maximize their technological skills. Our main advantage as a training partner lies in the combination of expert instructors with actual world experience as consultants and with NAYA developed training materials modeled based on our extensive experience.

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Scale Unlimited

Scale Unlimited provides consulting and training to help companies solve big data problems. Our focus is on complex workflows (ETL), search, web mining and machine learning. We design, build, and support systems built using Hadoop, Cassandra, Solr, Cascading and Mahout, and we provide training on all of these same open source technologies. We have worked with DataStax in both consulting engagements and as a training partner. We focus on the Hadoop and Solr support provided by DataStax Enterprise.

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Zenika is one of the leading providers of professional Open Source services and agile methodologies in Europe. We provide consulting, development, training and support for the world’s leading Open Source software products, with a strong focus on Java as well as agile project management to build high quality software on schedule and reducing the overall costs.

Zenika est un cabinet spécialisé dans l’architecture informatique et les méthodes Agiles possédant une triple compétence de conseil, réalisation et formation. La société compte 130 collaborateurs, allant de l’expert technique Java au coach agile. Le siège est basé à Paris, et la Société est également implantée à Rennes, Lyon, Nantes, Bordeaux, Londres, Athènes avec un centre de formation dans chaque agence.

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