Why DataStax?

Always-on, distributed database management system for the Internet Enterprise

In-Memory Computing, Search, Integrated Analytics, Security and Simplified Management Built on Open Source Apache Cassandra.

DataStax powered by Apache Cassandra™, delivers a database platform purpose built for the performance and availability demands of IOT, Web and Mobile applications. While relational databases fail under modern and dynamic workloads, high-volume data and new business requirements, Cassandra’s modern architecture makes it massively scalable, always available and easy to deploy. DataStax delivers a production version of Apache Cassandra, DataStax Enterprise (DSE), and the ecosystem to make the vision behind Cassandra a reality.

Enterprise Capabilities Built on Open Source

Shorten the time to revenue for Cassandra deployments and extend capabilities of Cassandra with enterprise-ready features and technology, such as search, security, integrated analytics, in-memory computing and easy-to-use management tools. DataStax Enterprise and its supporting ecosystem provide fast performance, strong security, and operational simplicity for line-of-business applications.

DataStax Enterprise and its supporting ecosystem provide continuous availability, fast performance, security, and operational simplicity for line-of-business applications.

‘Always-On’ Architecture

Innovate and scale online applications with a database that never fails. DataStax Enterprise has a real-time database infrastructure that supports the operational needs of the business, while the analytical framework handles massively parallel analysis of data. Enterprise search allows for quick search and indexing of data. Multi-datacenter and cloud replication and no single point of failure guarantees that your online data has zero chance of downtime.

25% of the Fortune 100 Use DataStax

DataStax is deployed by some of the world’s most progressive companies, including Adobe, eBay, Healthcare Anytime, and Netflix. DataStax has more than 400 customers in 38 countries across more than 20 industries.

Data Protection for All Data

Create database clusters and identify certain nodes for transactional workloads (using Cassandra) and mark others for analytics and enterprise search operations. Security runs through the entire DataStax platform to protect against unauthorized access and to guard sensitive data.

Lower Costs

Lower costs with Open Source and a subscription based model that is 80-90% less than traditional database vendors. With DataStax, organizations benefit from rapid deployment, easier management and the ability to scale as the business demands. DataStax’s masterless architecture avoids disasters, mitigates risk and ensures that application failures don’t hurt your business.

Rigorous Quality Testing and Support

Leverage a database platform that goes through a rigorous test process at a massive scale with highly-skilled test engineers. This virtuous quality assurance cycle hardens DSE and benefits all DataStax customers. Over time these improvements make their way back into open-source, which benefits the overall community.

Breaking Down Barriers to Open Source Adoption

Get real access to Cassandra experts from implementation to enterprise-wide deployment. All organizations benefit from 24×7 support. DataStax helps you get the greatest value out of Cassandra and work with you to bring your implementation into production and make it successful.