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One Million Writes / Sec

Excerpt from “Benchmarking Cassandra Scalability on AWS – Over a million writes per second” by Adrian Cockcroft and Denis Sheahan

Netflix Scale with cassandra


“The automated tooling that Netflix has developed lets us quickly deploy large scale Cassandra clusters, in this case a few clicks on a web page and about an hour to go from nothing to a very large Cassandra cluster consisting of 288 medium sized instances, with 96 instances in each of three EC2 availability zones in the US-East region. Using an additional 60 instances as clients running the stress program we ran a workload of 1.1 million client writes per second. Data was automatically replicated across all three zones making a total of 3.3 million writes per second across the cluster.” Read the rest of the Netflix post on Apache Cassandra performance here.

How Can You try Cassandra Today?

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