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Billy Bosworth, CEO

Nothing like having Oracle validate your mission

By Billy Bosworth, CEOOctober 3, 2011

“Go for the tried and true path.  Don’t be risking your data on NoSQL databases.”

I know… strange quote in a blog post from a NoSQL company, right?  Well, I wanted to quote the final paragraph from Oracle’s 15-page white paper titled: “Debunking the NoSQL Hype” written just four months ago in May, 2011.  At the time, I said it was validation that Oracle knew the viability of these databases and they were responding defensively.  Many disagreed with me stating that Oracle genuinely believed NoSQL databases were not viable in today’s enterprise.

Well, if that was the case, I’ll give Oracle this much — they are fast learners!  Based on their announcements at Open World, it seems that somehow, in the last four months, they have figured out that databases like Cassandra represent an amazing opportunity for customers tackling their big data problems in performant, cost-effective ways for their mission critical environments.  In response, they have gone from slamming NoSQL databases to releasing their own!  That’s big news for the market.  It speaks volumes.

In all seriousness… the following statement is not tongue-in-cheek or sarcastic:  I am honored and excited to have Oracle in our space.

I have been around databases for 20 years, and have tons of respect for Oracle.  When someone of their caliber releases a NoSQL solution, it takes us beyond the era of speculation and “niche” and squarely into the mainstream.  It validates our work and our passion and paints a very exciting future for big data databases.

Details on their offerings are still a bit sketchy, but we’ll know more after their session tonight and we’ll keep you posted.  In the meantime, there’s never been a better time to explore technologies like Cassandra!  It would seem that even Oracle agrees.  ;-)



  1. I’m sure it was a bitter pill for Larry to swallow. There’s no doubt, in one single move Oracle has validated the noSQL database. Microsoft has interesting things in the works as well, so all in all, we’re entering an exciting time in database evolution.

    Found this in a blog entry from January of this year:

    Is Berkeley DB a “NoSQL” solution today? Nope, but it’s the most robust solution on which to build such a system. Re-inventing the node-local data storage isn’t easy. A lot of people are starting to come to appreciate the sophisticated features found in Berkeley DB, even mimic them in some cases. Could Berkeley DB grow into a NoSQL solution? Absolutely.


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