Billy Bosworth

Does anyone see the irony in Oracle’s Big Data Appliance (asked a friend of mine…)

By Billy BosworthJanuary 10, 2012

Indulge me in a little fun on this one.

Did you hear the one about the world largest database company partnering with… umm…. an open source… uhh… database company… to serve as a software layer on their…. hardware?  Oh, never mind — who would believe a tale like that?  But in the world of big data, anything is possible.  Last year we saw Oracle do a sudden about face on NoSQL in general, and now they are partnering to try and quickly fill the gaps in their offering.  I think there are two broad takeaways here:

  1. Big data solutions are going mainstream fast.
  2. These ain’t your father’s data problems.

2012 is going to be such an exciting year in the big data space.  In fact, I think I just figured out what happened to the Mayan calendar… they hit a big data problem and their calendar app crashed!  We’ll rewrite it on Cassandra. 😉



  1. Atish Lahiri says:

    Hi Billy,

    This is great news for all of us Database Engineers, I think.

    IMHO, Oracle’s acceptance of NoSQL will go a long way in convincing our clients to try new Not Only RDBMS ways of handling the ongoing/imminent data tsunami.

    Best wishes,

    Atish Lahiri

  2. - says:

    Have you ever heard about Oracle Unbreakable Linux (operating system)? Or Oracle (now Apache)? Or IBM Linux for z/OS (OK, that’s for virtualization, not bare metal). Or…
    Do you get the point?

  3. I just hope Oracle will not acquire Cassandra/DataStax.


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