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Introducing DataStax Enterprise 2.0

By Billy BosworthMarch 21, 2012

Today we announced DataStax Enterprise 2.0, the next step in our evolution of helping people solve their big data problems.

In DataStax Enterprise 2.0, we have added:

  • Enterprise search via the extremely popular open-source project, Solr.
  • Elastic workload provisioning that allows your cluster to change compute power between Cassandra and Hadoop based on your application needs.
  • Snap-in log integration for application and weblogs so that they can be written, indexed, and searched, all in the same cluster with the rest of your data.
  • RDBMS data transfer via Sqoop to help quickly move your relational data into DataStax Enterprise.

The question: What does this really mean to businesses?

Big data applications affect three primary groups: The “Business”, Developers, and IT operations/decision makers.  If these groups are misaligned, it creates substantial challenges that slow everything down to a crawl.

With DataStax Enterprise 2.0, we provide a platform that can deliver continuous availability without compromising performance, operational simplicity, or cost.  The Business no longer has to wait on complex infrastructures to be built or managed.  Developers have a single cluster for handling everything in their applications from real-time transactions, to Hadoop batch analytics, to powerful search.  And IT operations has an elegant architecture that will easily span datacenters and/or the cloud, which means low operational costs even under the most extreme demands.

This is what DataStax Enterprise is all about.  Helping customers move faster in what otherwise can be a very complicated world of systems that fall short on many levels, creating an inability to react and build great things with big data applications.

You can check out all the information on DataStax Enterprise 2.0 here.  And you may also find our white paper on Big Data – Beyond the Hype helpful as well.

I also want to publicly thank all our folks at DataStax who have made this such a great release!  We have an amazing team dedicated to you, our customers, and I could not be any prouder of the work they do.



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