Announcing OpsCenter 2.0

By Mike BulmanApril 17, 2012

Today we are very excited to announce the availability of OpsCenter 2.0. We’ve done a lot to make both OpsCenter Enterprise and Community editions more stable, performant, and scalable. We’ve also made installing and getting started with OpsCenter even easier.

In OpsCenter Enterprise we’ve added three key features: support for multiple clusters, visual backup management, and search monitoring.

Multiple Cluster Management

OpsCenter 2.0 supports the ability to manage multiple Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise clusters with a single installation of OpsCenter. Whether you have multiple development clusters, a mixture of staging and production clusters, or multiple production clusters, you can now manage and explore all of them through a single interface.

When multiple clusters are configured, there is a global overview tab that displays the status of all of your clusters, as well as a list of all active alerts.

Visual Backup Management

Cassandra has the ability to quickly create a snapshot of the data in a keyspace on a single node. Until now, there has not been an easy way to run and manage these snapshots in a cluster wide fashion.

In OpsCenter 2.0, we’ve added the ability to easily schedule cluster wide snapshots. You can configure a snapshot to run on a single keyspace or all keyspaces, and have OpsCenter automatically cleanup old snapshots for you.

Search Monitoring

For those of you utilizing the recently added search feature of DataStax Enterprise, we’ve added historical tracking and alerting for some key Solr metrics: number of requests, request latency, number of errors, and number of timeouts.

Try It Out

We’ll be posting some more details about these new features in the near future. Until then, try out OpsCenter Enterprise for yourself, and don’t forget to let us know what you think in our forums.



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