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Now Supporting DataStax Enterprise and Cassandra – Your Favorite BI Tools

By Robin SchumacherDecember 5, 2012

The strong growth in enterprise usage of NoSQL and big data technologies has resulted in most third party software suppliers of database tools offering support for DataStax Enterprise and Apache Cassandra. The good news for you is that it’s now easier than ever to use both DataStax Enterprise and Cassandra for analytics work in your favorite BI tools in the same way you’ve done with various RDBMS’s for years.

Let me highlight just a few of the solutions available to you…


Jaspersoft is a well-known open source BI and ETL solutions provider. They support DataStax Enterprise and Cassandra in both their BI platform and ETL offering, and provide native connectors for both Cassandra and Hadoop that you can use.  You can also utilize Cassandra and Hadoop/Hive ODBC drivers with their software.

They have free community editions of their software that you can work with, along with commercial editions that provide more features/functionality.

Microsoft Excel

Yes, believe it or not, the #1 most used tool for BI work is Microsoft Excel. Using ODBC connectivity, a user can use Excel’s data connection wizards and data import utilities to drag data from many different databases into spreadsheets where the information can be sliced and diced at will.

There are ODBC drivers for Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise that can be installed on client workstations and configured to pull data back both from Cassandra and Hadoop/Hive. To see how easy this can be, check out this short, visual tutorial.


Pentaho is another very well known supplier of open source BI and ETL solutions.  Their business analytics and integration platforms support both DataStax Enterprise and Cassandra. If you’d like a quick tutorial on how to move data from a particular datasource to Cassandra, see their short online tutorial that demonstrates how easy they make it.

Pentaho provides both free community versions of their BI and ETL tools as well as enterprise editions that sport greater functionality than the community offerings.


Tableau is a leading provider of BI solutions. They offer desktop, server, and web/public editions of their BI platform.  Tableau supplies built-in connectivity to both DataStax Enterprise and Cassandra from within their toolset.

All of Tableau’s BI editions can be easily downloaded and trialed.


Talend is more of an open source leader is data integration/ETL than typical BI, however their Talend Open Studio product is used by many. They support both DataStax Enterprise and Cassandra by providing pre-built connectors for Cassandra and Hadoop.

Talend has two editions of their big data solution available, free and commercial, both of which can be easily downloaded.

And More…

By no means are the vendors listed above the only ones supporting DataStax Enterprise and Cassandra in their toolsets. By using either the Simba ODBC driver for Cassandra or the DataStax ODBC driver for Hive mentioned in the Microsoft Excel section above, many other BI solutions can easily connect to and work with DataStax Enterprise and Cassandra. Tools like Microstrategy, Informatica, and others can operate in this manner.

Download a copy of DataStax Enterprise Edition today if you haven’t already, and be sure to contact us if you’re using a BI or ETL tool that doesn’t have a way to connect to DataStax Enterprise or Cassandra, and we’ll see what we can do to change that.



  1. Giacomo says:

    Hi, this is a very important topic for everyone trying to use Cassandra effectively to perform BI and reporting. It would really be nice to get an update to 2014 🙂

    Unfortunately we haven’t seen much of an advance in this field, on the opposite, since Cassandra 2.0 we have lost many tools.

    In fact, JDBC and ODBC drivers are not updated since a lot of time and lack support for latest features: this cuts out a lot of the mentioned tools.

    As far as I know, at present only JasperSoft can support native Cassandra 2.0 connection from version 5.6.

  2. Hari Sekhon says:

    I agree, the lack of integration with BI tools and also Hadoop is hurting Cassandra adoption or leaving it as only a point-solution with limited use cases.

    Talend’s connector for Cassandra has code generation errors – you guys should work with them to try to make that connector more robust for your own sake.

    Please make Hadoop integration a high priority I’m tired of Cassandra being better than HBase and yet everyone trying to run HBase just because it’s more tightly coupled with Hadoop and Hive [SerDe]. That needs to go in to Apache Cassandra badly and not just DSE.

  3. Robin Schumacher Robin Schumacher says:

    Currently, both Pentaho and Jaspersoft (ETL and BI) have updated connectors for Cassandra. Other ETL tools with native connectors include Informatica.

    On the ODBC front, our Spark connector allows any BI tool (e.g. Tableau) to work with DataStax Enterprise. Work on a pure Cassandra ODBC driver continues so stay tuned…

  4. Gurunath says:


    I’m working on Microstrategy reporting tool integrated with Hive for reporting and analysis.
    I just happened to know that there are no ODBC drivers in Microstrategy which would connect with Cassandra.
    So I would want to know how can we start reporting in Microstrategy by pulling data via Cassandra ? Is there any interface available or should we be using a third party tool which would read data from Cassandra and then we report on top it ?


  5. Robin Schumacher Robin Schumacher says:

    I’m not intimate with Microstrategy, but I believe it supports ODBC connectivity to data sources so I would recommend you use our new ODBC driver for Spark (listed on our downloads page as Databricks ODBC driver for Apache Spark) with our latest DataStax Enterprise release (4.5) that allows you to do analytics on Cassandra data using Spark. Both are available on our downloads page.

  6. gaurav says:

    connector does not work with Tableau.

  7. Robin Schumacher Robin Schumacher says:

    Sorry for the trouble you’re having. We just certified Tableau with our latest release (DSE 5.0) and the latest connector, so please use that combination.

  8. Prajakta says:

    Hi team, can anyoneplease tell me how to create relational connection for Cassandra on workflow manager of Informatica. I have downloaded Cassandra community as well as Cassandra ODBC driver..


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