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DataStax Enterprise 3 Available Today

By Billy BosworthFebruary 25, 2013

2013 is going to be another truly exciting year for DataStax. Big data has finally gone mainstream; everyone and everything is now a data generator, with data growth exceeding population growth by 40 times. Gartner estimates that companies are slated to double their IT spending driven by big data over the next five years, with an estimated $55 billion spent in 2016. We will continue to lead this large and growing market by providing the best enterprise-scale NoSQL big data platform, powered by Apache Cassandra.

Today marks a key milestone for DataStax with the general availability of DataStax Enterprise (DSE) 3, the latest version of our big data platform. DSE is already running mission critical apps for more than 200 customers, including 20 of the Fortune 100. Because of the value they are seeing, customers want to further proliferate its use, but one hurdle remains — security.

As of today, DataStax has an answer for our users who face tough questions from the Chief Security Officer! DSE 3 provides the most comprehensive security feature set of any NoSQL platform while still delivering its core benefits of scalability, simplicity and continuous availability.

The key DSE 3 security features are:

  • internal authentication
  • external authentication via Kerberos and LDAP
  • transparent data encryption
  • data auditing
  • secured client-to-node transport
  • easy object permission management based on the familiar relational database GRANT/REVOKE paradigm

With these industry-leading security features, DSE 3 enables enterprises to adopt NoSQL solutions with the confidence that their important data is protected across real-time, analytics, and search activities.

We have also taken another major step forward with enterprise manageability in OpsCenter, our visual monitoring and management tool for Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise.  Key additions and improvements include:

  • Enterprise provisioning
  • Visual restore from backups (including object-level restores)
  • Visual object management
  • Software update notifications
  • Automated issue management for support issues

Everyone here at DataStax is proud to bring this powerful release to market!  You can read a more in depth review of all the new functionality here.

Already leading organizations such as Thomson Reuters have expressed their excitement about its new security features. Customer success is our number one priority, and DSE 3 will enable organizations to now transform their business securely using big data. To learn more about DSE 3, I encourage you to attend our product webinar taking place on March 13 at 9 a.m. Pacific time.

The webinar will feature Matt Aslett, a research director at 451 Research and one of today’s foremost NoSQL database analysts, as well Adrian Rodriguez, chief technology officer at Hallo. As an added bonus, anyone who attends the webinar will be entered for a chance to win one of two free passes to a course on DataStax’s public training schedule. You can register for the event here.



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