Robin Schumacher

NoSQL or Not?

By Robin SchumacherApril 19, 2013

For some years now, I’ve employed what some might consider a very unorthodox approach to presenting the technology solutions that I help design and deliver: I always tell people – right up front – why they may not need the software I’m talking to them about.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been a database geek for so long and have always appreciated advice on where not to step when it comes to trying shiny new technology. Or, maybe it’s because I handled so many database software reviews for magazines in the past that I know one size never fits all, and that the claims trumpeted by software vendors about their technology making all your dreams come true just isn’t legit.

For these reasons and more, whenever I get a chance to talk to a group made up of both business and tech folks, I always try and tell them what I’d want to be told – and that equates to telling them why they may not need the software I’m representing.

This brings me to NoSQL. By all standards of measure, the NoSQL market is booming. Some reports have the NoSQL market growing at an average of 60% per year.  Such information naturally causes IT professionals to wonder if they’re missing something by not implementing NoSQL technology in their environments.

Maybe they are, but maybe they’re not. The $64,000 question is: how do you know?

Having been on the RDBMS side of the fence for so long, and having worked with and watched DataStax customers smartly implement NoSQL technology that actually makes a difference, I think I have a pretty good handle on the why’s and why not’s of NoSQL.

I’d like to invite you to join me for an upcoming webinar I’ve entitled “How to Tell if Your Business Needs NoSQL” where I’ll go over a series of questions that will help you determine whether you can benefit from NoSQL.

No fairies. No pixie dust. No magic. Just some honest scoop that will help you get your head around whether you can use NoSQL right now or not, with clear examples from real customers that demonstrate when NoSQL is actually needed.



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