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Three Must-See Exec Talks at the Cassandra Summit

By Robin SchumacherMay 13, 2013

The move from “Why?” to “How do I?” is an interesting transition that happens with new technology. NoSQL is making that shift now, with some IT leaders still needing an understanding of what NoSQL can do for them, while others are more concerned with wanting an implementation strategy for rolling out NoSQL in their enterprise.

The good news is that we’ve got both bases covered in the executive track of our upcoming Cassandra Summit. This is new for us this year and is happening for a very important reason: you asked for it! At last year’s Summit, we fielded numerous requests for a track dedicated to the business side of NoSQL technology, and I guarantee that what we have in store for you at this year’s event won’t disappoint.

The fact that Cassandra has gone mainstream can be seen in the speaker lineup that makes up this year’s Summit. In the executive track, we have a great set of tech execs who will be telling you both why they chose NoSQL and how they successfully implemented it in their organization.

Although all the talks look great, I thought I’d call out three of the ones I won’t be missing:

  1. Taking Risks Without Risking Your Career, Christos Kalantzis, Netflix. Netflix was just christened as the biggest cloud application in the world. Netflix also stores 95% of their data on Cassandra today, making the switch from Oracle a few years ago. How does a smart IT exec safely go from tried-and-true, but old-and-won’t-do to new technology that can both transform how a company does business and save a significant sum of money in the process? Few have the kind of success and tell the story better than Christos and Netflix, so who better to learn from?
  2. Stop Crippling Your Business: Fundamental Considerations Everyone Needs to Know, Vincent Dell’Anno, Accenture; John Whittaker, Dell. Few execs know how to evade the perils of not creating proper NoSQL standards and how to avoid the unnecessary red tape that can bog down IT projects better than the guys from Accenture and Dell.
  3. It’s like your parents: Relational and NoSQL can co-exist, Sean Knapp, Ooyala. Having a co-existence strategy for new and legacy technology is key when it comes to implementing something like NoSQL: use the right tech in the right place at the right time. When you distribute video content for the likes of ESPN and Rolling Stone, plus take in and analyze literally ¼ of all the video views on the Internet like Ooyala does, you learn a thing or two about how to smartly put the right puzzle pieces together so relational and non-relational play nice.

Of course, there are other great exec talks from Splunk, Cowen, Jaspersoft, and more that will help you answer both the “Why?” and “How do I?” questions that IT leaders are asking about NoSQL. Check out the full schedule and make plans to be at this year’s Summit, which will be here before you know it. Register now and save 25% with the promo code SFSummit25.

See you there!



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