Billy Bosworth

Cassandra Summit 2013 — Amazing!

By Billy BosworthJune 15, 2013

This week’s Cassandra Summit 2013 was beyond amazing.  Not only was it the largest gathering of Cassandra experts in history, but the *quality* of the attendees, speakers, and sponsors is what really blew me away.  More than 1,100 Cassandra enthusiasts gathered together to learn from a great group of speakers in 60 sessions, across 5 tracks in 2 days. Many of our sessions were so popular that not only were they standing room only, but also peering room only. (Apologies to those who couldn’t fit in the rooms… we will ensure more space next year and the presentations will be available online in a few weeks!)

It’s still hard for me to believe the incredible lineup of speakers who participated. I have been to a lot of conferences and to get speakers of this caliber at a single event is rare for some of the largest and most established companies.

Our theme this year was “The Rebel Force Captures Fort Cassandra” inspired by our venue this year, Fort Mason in San Francisco. As you can see, the venue was beautiful, and we paid a little extra for some of the best weather that area can get this time of year.  What was really great was seeing how the community has grown and come together in the last year. At Summit last year, I told the attendees it was the last year they got to be, “covert, special ops” forces. I told them we were going to bring the Cassandra community to the forefront, and boy did we. We claimed our place in the enterprise, and we claimed, “Fort Cassandra.”

We also received some amazing press during Cassandra Summit 2013, including this article in USA Today entitled “Unplugged: Cassandra could wreak havoc on Oracle.” We suspect that articles about companies moving from Oracle to DataStax Cassandra in ZDNet, eWeek, Silicon Angle, and Datanami may be the reason we saw the Oracle America’s Cup boat sailing near our event at Fort Mason. Coincidence?  We’ll let you be the judge. 🙂  But, the truth is that companies like Netflix, OpenWave Messaging, Ooyala, eBay, and many more are moving to Cassandra, validating the paradigm shift that is required for today’s online applications.

In addition, we had our judging for The Next Great Data Developer where two lucky winners received $10,000 scholarships and a paid internship program at DataStax.  Congratulations to:

Lyuben Todorov
Twitter: @LyubenT
Github: lyubent
Blog URL:
University: Dundee in Scotland, UK

Victoria Mo
Github: vickimo
Blog URL:
University: Columbia University

To wrap up, I want to give a tremendous amount of thanks to our attendees, our sponsors, and more than a thousand Cassandra users who spent their valuable time with us this week. It was a tremendous event and together we are changing the face of the market.

In the meantime, we are hard at work putting videos and presentations together for all the sessions. They will be available soon and we will notify you when they are ready. Stay tuned for news about Cassandra Summit Europe on October 16 & 17 in London and many more upcoming events in 2014.

The database world has not been this dynamic and exciting in 25 years and it is an awesome and humble feeling to be with you at the forefront!



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