Robin Schumacher

How Your Business Can Survive Another Sandy

By Robin SchumacherOctober 30, 2013

We just passed the sad anniversary of superstorm Sandy, which devastated many lives and businesses one year ago. Watching news interviews with those who recount their experience with the storm leaves you with a very sobering feeling indeed.

PC Mag’s recent article on Sandy provides a strong call to action to IT leaders who are responsible for ensuring the uptime of their online applications during natural disasters like Sandy or any other unplanned event that threatens the availability of their business. The article notes how some modern enterprises are using NoSQL technology from DataStax to protect their business operations from major outages like those seen during Sandy:

“Even large tech companies that should be “in the know” with disaster recovery planning made greater efforts to thwart downtime in the event of a natural disaster. Companies such as Netflix and Openwave Messaging have abandoned the Oracle platform in favor of next-generation database platforms such as those from DataStax, whose fully distributed architecture, multi-datacenter support and no single point of failure ensures the availability of their applications.”

Another example of a company that lived through Sandy and kept its doors open for business with DataStax software is recommendation engine giant Outbrain. Listen to Nathan Milford, Outbrain’s head of U.S. IT operations management, describe what happened:

“During Hurricane Sandy, we lost an entire data center. Completely. Lost. It. Our application fail-over resulted in us losing just a few moments of serving requests for a particular region of the country, but our data in Cassandra never went offline.

Then, when that data center came back online, we spent a lot of time manually rebuilding other databases that we use, shipping drives across country and what not, but for Cassandra, all we did was turn it back on in that data center and ran a single command, and it brought itself back up to speed with no other manual work.”

You can read our full interview with Nathan here.

NoSQL technology from DataStax provides the type of disaster avoidance and uptime capabilities that can help your business ride out major outages like those caused by Sandy, which is why we’re fast becoming the first and best database choice for online applications.

Find out why companies like Netflix, OpenWave, Outbrain and others are choosing DataStax Enterprise and Cassandra to keep their business always online. You can download our software today and evaluate it in your development environments with no time limits or strings attached. Be sure to drop us a line if you have any questions.



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