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Announcing DataStax Enterprise 3.2 and OpsCenter 4.0

By Robin SchumacherNovember 14, 2013

We’re pleased to announce the immediate availability of DataStax Enterprise 3.2 and DataStax OpsCenter 4.0; both are available for download now. The new versions of our enterprise NoSQL database platform and visual management solution for Cassandra deliver some exciting new capabilities that continue to make DataStax Enterprise the first and best database choice for online applications.

DataStax Management Services

Versions 3.2/4.0 of DataStax Enterprise and OpsCenter deliver yet another NoSQL industry first.

DataStax was first to market with integrated and fault-tolerant analytics and enterprise search in a NoSQL database, first with a comprehensive security feature set for NoSQL, and the first NoSQL vendor to provide a visual developer tool for NoSQL.

Now DataStax is the first NoSQL vendor to supply built-in, automatic management services. These new features are designed to help you set the management of your NoSQL database clusters on autopilot.

Beginning with DSE 3.2/OpsCenter 4.0, we’re rolling out our “DataStax Management Services” that are architected to intelligently manage many aspects of a database cluster in a transparent way. The end result is less management overhead for you and more time to devote to other things.

The first two services, which are in DSE 3.2/OpsCenter 4.0, are our Repair and Capacity Planning services.

The Repair service removes a maintenance task that has caused struggles for even our most technically sophisticated customers: knowing when/how often to repair data inconsistencies across a distributed database cluster. With the repair service, a customer now simply flips a switch via the command line or from within OpsCenter, and data inconsistencies are automatically repaired in a way that causes little to no overhead on a cluster.

The second service is aimed at yet another discipline that all admins/operations staff wrestle with: capacity planning. However, the new capacity service makes capacity planning easy. Key statistics about the database and servers are efficiently collected into a repository. These metrics are then used to perform historical trend analysis, which provides insight into the operations of a cluster over time.

With the click of a button admins can also use collected metrics to make smart forecasts into the future such as “When will this database hit 50TB?” or “When will this node run out of space?”

The new Repair and Capacity services supply the type of automation and sophistication that customers want and need in an enterprise database platform. Look for more services to roll out with future DataStax Enterprise releases.

Improved Visual Database Management

OpsCenter 4.0 sports a number of great new visual features that make managing a distributed database cluster easier than ever before. The improved user interface provides new visual health overviews of a cluster that make it quick to understand the state of a cluster and diagnose problems.

opsc4-ring view C Hadoop Solr

Further, new management-in-mass/bulk operations capabilities make it easy to perform any maintenance task across many nodes at the same time.

Lastly, OpsCenter 4.0 allows all new DataStax Management Services to be visually managed and monitored.

Improved Enterprise Search and Analytics

DataStax Enterprise 3.2 provides increased capabilities for those wanting to run analytics and enterprise search operations on Cassandra data. Faster performance via multi-threading in Solr and predicate pushdown’s in Hive are realized, while increased support for CQL (Cassandra Query Language) enable developers to work with features such as collections and composite columns.

Download Now

You can download DataStax Enterprise 3.2 and OpsCenter 4.0 now and begin working with all their new features today. Be sure to drop us a line and let us know how you’re using DataStax Enterprise and OpsCenter in your business and the difference they’re making.



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