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Welcome to DataStax Enterprise 4.0 and OpsCenter 4.1

By Robin SchumacherFebruary 26, 2014

Today, we announced our latest versions of DataStax Enterprise (DSE) and OpsCenter with compelling enhancements in performance, enterprise search, and easier manageability. These releases demonstrate how DataStax continues to bring Apache Cassandra to the enterprise and why DSE is fast becoming the first database choice for today’s online applications.

Let’s take a quick tour of what’s new.

In-Memory + Cassandra

Historically, in-memory databases have been a staple in the financial and telecom industries. But today, almost every online application has one or more use cases that benefit from in-memory speed. Something as simple as creating a Top ‘N’ list for an online app such as leaderboards in online gaming is a great example of a perfect fit for in-memory computing.

Cassandra has had the well-known reputation for being the go-to NoSQL database when you need scale, multi-data center/cloud support, and fast performance. With the new DSE 4.0 in-memory option, Cassandra can now serve many of the in-memory use cases that today’s online systems have as well.

The 4.0 in-memory option brings all the power and flexibility of Cassandra to an in-memory database. DSE’s new in-memory option not only delivers very fast performance for in-memory use cases (anywhere from 10-100x over disk-based access) but it’s also easy to use.

You can create a new Cassandra table and mark it as in-memory or alter an existing disk-based table to be in-memory. From that point on, the table acts like any other Cassandra table except that all its read operations are guaranteed to be served from memory.

For details on how to use 4.0’s new in-memory capabilities, benchmarks, and recommendations for when to/when not to use the in-memory option, see our new tech white paper that gives you everything you’ll need to know.

Certified Cassandra 2.0

Cassandra is a reinvented database which is lightening fast and ideal for today’s online applications where relational databases like Oracle can’t keep up. This means that in today’s world, Cassandra stores and processes real-time information at fast, predictive performance with built-in fault tolerance.

DSE 4.0 includes a production-certified version of Cassandra 2.0, with new developer features such as lightweight transactions and CQL support for paging that simplify development and lower the time it takes to bring new applications to market.

Better Enterprise Search

Version 4.0 of DSE includes an update to the platform’s enterprise search capabilities. Version 4.6 of Solr, now certified for DSE, contains many new features that make creating search applications easier. In addition, a new internal communications layer is included for enterprise search that greatly increases performance for search operations and supports thousands of concurrent users.

Easier Enterprise Manageability

Many of our customers manage a DSE cluster across hundreds or thousands of nodes. While this may sound intimidating, you’ll be surprised to know that the vast majority (if not all) of our customers actually have a very small IT team dedicated to their DataStax applications, with some having no dedicated headcount whatsoever. How do they do this?

First, many DSE internal operations are transparent and completely automated, making it simple to manage DataStax servers. Next, our built-in and automated DataStax Management Services help with various critical tasks such as repair operations and capacity planning, making things even easier.

In addition, DataStax OpsCenter is used by nearly all our customers to visually handle the creation of new clusters, along with the management and performance monitoring of existing databases. With OpsCenter 4.1, enhancements to our capacity service help with historical trend analysis and forecasting multiple key statistics at one time over customizable time ranges.

OpsCenter 4.1 also supports DSE 4.0’s new in-memory option by monitoring in-memory table usage, forecasting future growth, and setting proactive alerts on in-memory table growth. Last but not least, 4.1 contains new performance drill-down abilities for individual nodes so you can instantly uncover why a particular node in a cluster is experiencing duress.

node info drill down

Helping Build Powerful Online Applications

The enhancements in DSE 4.0 and OpsCenter 4.1 create an even more robust enterprise-class NoSQL database platform that you can use to build scalable and innovative online applications. New in-memory capabilities, faster search, and easier manageability are combined with a real-time, scalable database infrastructure that supports the operational needs of your online business, an integrated analytical framework that can handle parallel analysis of data, the gold standard in multi-data center and cloud support, and an uptime promise that no one else can match.

To learn more about DSE 4.0 and OpsCenter 4.1, read our new “What’s New in 4.0?” white paper, check out our online documentation, and register now for a free webinar on March 11, 2014, where these things and more will be covered in detail.

DSE 4.0/OpsCenter 4.1 are completely free to use in development environments so download them now and get started today.




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