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Happy Anniversary – Cassandra Turns Five!

By Robin SchumacherApril 14, 2014

The Apache Software Foundation recently announced a significant milestone: Apache Cassandra – the always-on, massively scalable open source NoSQL database – just turned five years old! Here at DataStax, we’re pleased to participate in the celebration with the 250 contributors that have worked to make Cassandra the first and best database choice for today’s online applications. 

The press release put out by the Apache Software Foundation regarding Cassandra’s fifth anniversary contains excellent statistics regarding Cassandra’s momentum and quotes from those using Cassandra, so I won’t repeat that information here. Instead, I encourage you to give the story a quick read through for that data. 

I will, however, make just one additional observation that has really amazed me about Cassandra. 

I’ve been a database guy for over 25 years and have watched different DB technologies come, go, thrive, and barely survive.  In all my years, I’ve never seen a database technology rise from nowhere and suddenly find itself front-and-center as the underlying database powering critical parts of online apps for companies like Netflix, eBay, Adobe, Thomson Reuters, and many more. 

Normally, the path to enterprise database adoption is one where many years are spent in trialing the technology through relatively small, departmental systems that aren’t key to business success. But such has not been the case with Cassandra as a look through DataStax case studies and Planet Cassandra interviews demonstrate. 

Why is this the case? Simply put, because today’s always-on, follow-you-everywhere Web and mobile apps absolutely require a database like Cassandra. Thirty-year old RDBMS technologies just aren’t able to meet the prerequisites that modern online apps have. 

But Cassandra can

Maybe this is why we’ve seen our annual Cassandra summit grow from 400 in 2011, to 800 the next year, and 1,200 last year. I remember how happy we were at MySQL when we crossed the 1,000-conference attendee point after MySQL had been in the field for over a decade, but Cassandra exceeded that mark in just three years. 

In addition, Cassandra meetup’s are exploding all over the globe, and Cassandra has now overtaken all other major NoSQL databases on’s job trends relative growth graph:

job trends indeed relative april 2014 

These things are happening not because corporate IT departments want to work with what’s cool, the latest-and-greatest, etc. No, it’s happening due to necessity; Cassandra is technology that enables the online application needs of the modern enterprise. 

So in conclusion, let me say from all of us at DataStax: Happy anniversary Cassandra, it’s been an exciting ride these past five years and we look forward to helping drive the future of data management with you!




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