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Key Requirements for the Internet Enterprise

By Robin SchumacherJune 18, 2014

The evolution of data-driven software applications has brought us from centralized systems decades ago that served very few to today’s digital Internet economy that is home to millions of follow-you-everywhere Web and mobile applications.  Businesses that either started out as or are transforming themselves to be Internet Enterprises succeed in this environment by being manically customer-focused, smartly using data from their applications to personalize their customer’s experience and digitally leapfrog their competition.

At DataStax, we see a common trend in our Internet Enterprise customers who succeed where their competition fails. We have a front-row seat to witness how they strategically use data from Internet Enterprise applications (those that are Web / mobile-based and reach around the globe) to win big in their chosen markets.

What are the key ingredients to their recipe for success? Read on…

Smarter Customer Interactions

One common trait shared by Internet Enterprise winners is that their applications enable much more intelligent interactions with their customers where nearly every ‘touch’ is personalized and focused on achieving a purpose.

These businesses have outgrown the legacy ACID relational database transaction and broadened it so that it can be truly distributed in nature and include analytics on the data coming in from a Web or mobile interaction.

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Sometimes this transactional-analytics is done purely on the operational data and sometimes it may include historical data as well.  Either way, in the end, the business accomplishes its mission of providing a major benefit to the customer such as protecting them against fraud, supplying them with the exact link to a product or service they’ll love, and the like.

Faster Customer Interactions

There’s one attitude driving today’s Internet economy: impatience. Users of Internet Enterprise applications are demanding and have no patience for slow response times. Because of this, Internet Enterprises know that slow interactions mean lost customers so they institute serious performance SLAs for their database with respect to both read and write operations, and deploy a database infrastructure that consists of things like in-memory technology, scalable search, localization of data (i.e. putting data close to customers around the world) that is all geared around ensuring lightning fast customer interactions.

Available-Everywhere Customer Interactions

Internet Enterprises smartly and quickly serve customers no matter where they happen to be. To do this well requires a database with an always-on architecture and one that easily distributes data across multiple geographies and the cloud.

This requirement goes beyond high availability to continuous availability and includes the ability to operate without a hiccup even when multiple regions in the world go down.

Become an Internet Enterprise Today

Of course, there are other things successful Internet Enterprises do to succeed, but supporting smarter, faster, and available-everywhere customer interactions are the primary things we see our customers focusing on at DataStax.

To get more details on how to succeed as an Internet Enterprise, read our new white paper on the subject, and then download and try DataStax Enterprise, which is the database platform of choice for today’s modern Internet Enterprise.



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