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David Kloc

ThingWorx Partners with DataStax to Power the Connected World

By David KlocJune 16, 2014

We now live in a connected age where our lives are increasingly filled with smart devices capable of gathering and analyzing data to glean valuable insights about everything —  from what’s in our fridge to how to best manage factory assembly lines.  Basically gathering what we all now call, Internet of Things (IoT) data.

As people and businesses unlock the value in connected devices, the industry continues to grow at a massive rate.  In fact, a recent study from Machina Research estimated that by 2020 there will be 12.5 billion devices equipped with sensors that let them be controlled, monitored, and automated. Yet the volume, velocity and structure of IoT data creates challenges for organizations looking to harness its value. To keep pace, businesses are turning to solutions that can rapidly build and run connected applications. ThingWorx, a PTC business, provides an innovative platform to do exactly that.

From connected buildings that maximize resource efficiency and costs to smart beer kegs that notify you when your beer is running dry, ThingWorx helps businesses harness the Internet of Things megatrend to transform products and services, minimize costs and accelerate business processes all while keeping everyone’s pint glasses full. And the database management system they are partnering with to run this connected world is DataStax. Through this partnership, ThingWorx is integrating DataStax’s platform to build a development and delivery platform that can grow and scale with the Internet of Things.

“Given that the Internet of Things depends on translating high volumes of structured and unstructured data into actionable insights, it only makes sense that Cassandra is the right place for it to live,” said Russ Fadel, President at ThingWorx. “By partnering with DataStax we can use Cassandra to create solutions that achieve top performance and scalability for our customers.”

As the IoT continues to transform industries, businesses will not only need solutions that can store and analyze various data types, but also solutions that preserve privacy. Devices will detect and store more personal information making security and privacy paramount concerns that must be addressed with strong architectural and operational foundations.

As more companies evolve into Internet Enterprises  and infuse data-driven strategies into their infrastructure, they’ll seek out solutions that can turn the influx of data into real business value, while upholding the highest privacy standards. DataStax’s unmatched performance and scalability coupled with ThingWorx’s simplified and unified approach to IoT applications ensures that customers have the best platform to capture the business opportunities offered by the emerging pervasiveness of the connected age.



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