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Scott Hedrick

Accelerate Time to Production with Informatica’s DataStax Enterprise Connector for Cassandra Data

By Scott HedrickDecember 17, 2014

Scott leads the Big Data partner ecosystem at Informatica. He works with key partners to bring great integrated joint solutions to market and promote them to the world. Prior to Informatica, Scott has driven success through marketing, ecosystems, partnerships and product leadership at companies including Nokia, Opera Software, MontaVista Software, Sun Microsystems and mobile startups. Scott helped pioneer the market for Linux and and web technologies for smartphones and internet devices, such as Nintendo Wii, Sony Internet TVs and Motorola phones.

To enable large organizations to more easily integrate DataStax Enterprise (DSE) into their production data pipelines, we have been working with our friends at DataStax, to add connectivity to data stored in Cassandra. DataStax Enterprise (DSE), built on Apache Cassandra™, delivers a production and enterprise-ready version of Cassandra enabling Internet Enterprises to compete in today’s high-speed, always-on data economy. The connector enables companies to use Informatica Big Data Edition, PowerCenter or Vibe Data Stream for high-speed data loading and extraction with DSE using Informatica’s proven visual design-driven products for data integration and quality.

Informatica’s Big Data Edition and PowerCenter connector to DSE is certified on DSE version 4.5 or higher and supports CQL (Cassandra Query Language) 3.0, collections, failover to secondary hosts and Unicode. Informatica’s visual data mapping can be used to bring data from the hundreds of sources Informatica supports, then profile, transform, parse and cleanse the data before loading the curated data sets into DSE for operational systems without writing a line of code. This connector is based on the ODBC 3.52 standard for high-speed connectivity to DSE on-premise as well as hosted in Cloud environments.

Vibe Data Stream support of DSE empowers high speed streaming of operational data for real-time use cases. Vibe Data Stream is based on Ultra Messaging, the fastest data streaming technology available today, and is configurable through a visual development environment. Vibe Data Stream can power Lambda architecture solutions by loading streaming data into DSE for real-time operations and other data stores in parallel for long-term storage and analytics.

Companies utilizing DSE for critical production systems can use Informatica’s data quality and parsing capabilities to ensure the veracity and formatting of their data. Informatica Big Data Edition executes data integration and quality on Hadoop and enables efficient data preparation for Cassandra-based systems at massive scale. Informatica’s visual parsing and prebuilt parsing libraries enable tool-based transformation of data that is unstructured or has specialized structure to be formatted to work well with DataStax operational database management systems.

Informatica plus DSE can be used to power real-time operational analytics, enterprise search, fraud detection, Internet of Things, transactional systems and other use cases in conjunction with a data warehouse Informatica can pull together, prepare and stage data sets of any size or type for operational systems as well as historical analysis. The combination of Informatica and DSE makes Cassandra data more accessible and accelerates time to production.

Informatica provides a fantastic solution for enterprises and large organizations that want to use proven data integration capabilities with DSE in a manageable way. Using Informatica, risk to new projects is reduced and agility is enhanced through visual mappings that can be rapidly evolved and added to over time. For companies already using Informatica, this new connector makes it especially easy to add DSE to existing data infrastructures. Informatica makes DSE a more integrated part of enterprise data pipelines to drive value from big data.

Take a look at the short demo of Informatica’s Cassandra connector here:



  1. Deepak says:

    So we do not need a DSE connector for Informatica if we already have Powerexchange for Cassandra license, is that understanding right?


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