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Kelly Madera


By Kelly MaderaJuly 24, 2015

Hold on to your hats, or your now considered “vintage” DataStax T-Shirts! Big changes are on the horizon for the look and feel of DataStax and it’s all starting with this freshly branded T-Shirt. Out with the orange ring shirts of yesterday and in with a compelling depiction of a database that quite literally, never has down time.

Changing brand strategies is a brave move, a move one only does when there is enormous certainty that it will be well received by most, and in this case by the Cassandra community. This state of the art T-Shirt is exciting, intriguing and really makes you think. In stark comparison to the shirts of yesteryear which portrayed a clustered node against a gray background with the following phrase in all capital letters, “APACHE CASSANDRA”.

Graphic tees (akin to the ones represented below) with subdued meanings and somewhat cryptic phrases are interesting, mysterious, and above all pretty damn cool! Who wouldn’t want to rock that?

These brand-new T-Shirts are available for the first time this week at OsCon via the DataStax booth (#611) in Portland. Do not miss your chance to win an “Ollie” or snag one of these innovative T-Shirts that represent a company and community that is “always on”. These tees will make another appearance at the highly anticipated #CassandraSummit! If you still need to obtain your pass, do so here!

What are your thoughts? Are you down with this new piece of apparel?



  1. Eduard Tudenhoefner says:

    Where’s the order button? I want those!

  2. Savio Barros says:

    How can I order?


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