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Diego Ferreira

BidTheatre Empowering Marketers with DataStax Enterprise

By Diego FerreiraMarch 9, 2016

DataStax: Hello Marcus. Thanks a lot for your time today! Could you please tell us about BidTheatre, its mission and your role there?
Marcus Johansson: I’m the Founder and CEO of BidTheatre. Our mission is to empower marketers with our Demand Side Platform to leverage knowledge from historical campaigns and user behaviour to make marketing more effective. Since we’re still a small company, I’m involved in most parts of the daily operation and the strategic matters of the company.

DataStax: What makes your Demand Side Platform different than similar businesses?
Marcus Johansson: We have a strong Nordic focus, do not compromise with transparency and data integrity, build a strong API and feature set, are pure buyer focused and we do not have publisher affiliations.

DataStax: Did you use a different technology before you started using Cassandra?
Marcus Johansson: Yes, we used Project Voldemort from LinkedIn.

DataStax: Why did you decide to use Cassandra? What kind of data is stored there?
Marcus Johansson: We had issues getting reliable performance from Voldemort at scale, and also deemed the technology to have too little traction in the community. We did some research and ended up with Cassandra as it seemed robust, and solved our needs. We use C* for both storing user profiles (cookie data) and analytics (time series data etc).

DataStax: How would you sum up the benefits you’ve achieved with DataStax Enterprise (DSE)?
Marcus Johansson: DSE has saved us a lot of time by packaging C* in apt-packages, providing configuration management, and offering the OpsCenter monitoring, and also providing the Hadoop/Spark integration. We decided pretty early on at using DSE (made possible thanks to the startup programme).

DataStax: What caused you to use DSE over open source Cassandra?
Marcus Johansson: See previous question/answer.

DataStax: What features from the DataStax Enterprise (DSE) stack are you using at the moment? What business use case do they fulfill?
Marcus Johansson: The C* core,  OpsCenter, Hadoop and Hive. We’re looking into moving from Hadoop to Spark soon.

DataStax: Tell us about the future of your project, do you intend to leverage other parts of DSE to make it a reality?
Marcus Johansson: We’re hoping to move some of the critical metrics of our system that are foundations for billing and optimization, away from an old school SQL Server into Spark, reaching us via Kafka + Cassandra.

DataStax: What advice would you give to other startups that are thinking about using Cassandra for the first time in their solutions?
Marcus Johansson: Go ahead, C* is very robust, and relatively easy to configure and understand. It scales beautifully. Online documentation and community has the answer to most questions/problems.



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