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Matt Kennedy, Senior Director, Cloud Solutions

Announcing DataStax Managed Cloud

By Matt Kennedy, Senior Director, Cloud SolutionsNovember 15, 2016

We know distributed computing is hard. And distributed databases are really hard. But the good news is that we’ve been working at DataStax for the past six years to make what’s hard, easy.

I’m excited to tell you about a major new step for us that will make things even easier.  

DataStax Enterprise (DSE) customers recognize that our platform’s capabilities are critical to their ability to deliver engaging customer experiences at global scale. But digital transformation isn’t easy; new business practices are enabled by new technology, and that means every IT professional needs to learn a lot of new skills.

Where DataStax Enterprise is concerned, those new skills fall broadly into two categories: development and administration/operations. Through DataStax Academy, we’ve invested heavily in making the journey from novice to expert an enjoyable and efficient one.

But now we’re doing more.

Today, we’re announcing a new initiative that will radically reduce the learning curve so that you can focus on your development efforts that drive business value.

DataStax Managed Cloud

We’re introducing a new cloud-based managed service – DataStax Managed Cloud – to our product portfolio. The distributed computing experts here at DataStax can take the burden of running the operational aspects of your DSE clusters off of your shoulders and onto ours. With this addition to our portfolio of products and services, we can provide our customers with a spectrum of options to ease the challenges of database operations, from the DIY approach with DSE and OpsCenter in your own datacenters, to bespoke solutions managed with the help of DataStax Professional Services, to DataStax Managed Cloud.

DataStax Managed Cloud goes beyond simple administration and oversight of day-to-day operations. It also includes up-front proactive expert help in areas such as data modeling, tuning for particular application use cases and more.

Lastly, you should know that the software used to run our new managed service will be the same software that is made available to our non-cloud customers. As we introduce innovations and efficiencies driven by our new managed service, those innovations will be made available through software releases to our on-premise customers. This strategy allows us to make gains in reducing the operational skill burden for all of our users and enable real hybrid cloud deployments.

In a nod to DataStax’s Austin roots, we’re calling this “eating our own brisket”.

Welcome Team DataScale!

Jump-starting our DataStax Managed Cloud effort is the acquisition of DataScale, a young company built on the expertise of distributed computing and Apache Cassandra engineers who have years of experience operating some of the largest and busiest database clusters in the world.

With the help of our new colleagues, DataStax will deliver a fully managed experience that allows you to offload operations to our team, simplify database management responsibilities and focus on business innovation through cloud applications capable of global scale. We will help you achieve the time-to-market acceleration expected of cloud offerings without locking application code to cloud-specific data services. With DataStax, applications and microservices can leverage the power of low-latency transactions, search, analytics and multi-model / graph on a single underlying data layer that can run on-premises or in public clouds in a flexible, portable fashion.

We’re very excited to begin this new chapter for our two (now one) companies, and look forward to sharing more with you on the availability of DataStax Managed Cloud in the very near future.



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