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Serving Customers, Serving the Community

By Jonathan Ellis, CTO and Co-founderNovember 2, 2016

Focusing on DSE

For six years, DataStax has taken a modular approach to building DataStax Enterprise (DSE): Analytics, Search, Security, and now Graph have all been added to the open source core of Apache Cassandra™.

With DSE 5.0, we have reached the limits of what we can do with this approach.  The feedback from our customers is clear: they need us to focus on providing a completely unified platform to drive the next generation of cloud applications.

My team of full-time Apache Cassandra™ developers is thus joining the DSE team and will be prioritizing their efforts towards improving and enhancing that product at every level, including the core.  Our goal is for DSE to continue to be the best version of Apache Cassandra™ in every sense.

What does this mean for Apache Cassandra™?

After I stepped down as project chair in August, the Apache Cassandra™ Project Management Committee nominated Nate McCall to step into that role. Apache Cassandra™ is healthier than ever, with eight new PMC members and four new committers added this Summer.  It is actually not good for an Apache project to be dominated by a single company’s contributions, and I look forward to the innovations resulting from this more diverse leadership and development.

A strong Apache Cassandra™ remains a high priority for DataStax and we are extremely committed to helping the community advance.  DataStax’s ongoing involvement with Apache Cassandra™ includes:

  1. Contributing selected features like range-based compaction, time-series support, materialized view enhancements, and improved backpressure.
  2. Providing testing, build, and continuous integration resources.
  3. Continuing to drive adoption with conference sponsorship and Meetup support.
  4. Donating resources like the dtest suite and Planet Cassandra to Apache.
  5. Making available free, self-paced training on Apache Cassandra™ through our DataStax Academy.

Where we’re going next

Apache Cassandra™ is closing in on its 4.0 release.  With tons of new features released in the tick-tock process since 3.0, there’s a lot to learn, test, and build on.  Apache needs your help!

While you’re checking out the latest releases, take advantage of the new development documentation and get involved.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions on the mailing list and irc; especially with a crop of new committers looking to learn together, there’s never been a better time to participate!

Meanwhile, DataStax is hard at work on exciting new features in DSE 5.1.  Stay tuned!