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Diego Ferreira

Sfera Provides Professional Internet Services With the Help of DataStax Enterprise

By Diego FerreiraMarch 29, 2017

This post is one in a series of quick-hit interviews with companies using DataStax Enterprise (DSE) for key parts of their business. In this interview, we talked with Enrico Gaspani, Software Engineer at Sfera.

DataStax: Hello Enrico, thanks a lot for your time today. Could you please tell us a bit about Sfera and Surfree? What is your role there?

Sfera: Of course. Sfera is an Italian integrated service provider. Surfree is an advanced Wifi network data analysis software for cities, malls and public places, and I’m the Software Development Team Leader.

DataStax: What makes your advanced WiFi network analysis software successful? What differentiates Sfera from similar applications?

Sfera: Our solution is platform independent. It works with various network device vendors. It also offers advanced statistics and monitoring features.

DataStax: Did you use a different technology before you started using DataStax Enterprise?

Sfera: Yes we used a traditional MySQL database, but we soon replaced it with DataStax Enterprise because data was growing too fast and we needed a scalable, agile and fault-tolerant solution.

DataStax: Why did you decide to use DataStax Enterprise? What kind of data is stored in DataStax Enterprise?

Sfera: Because we discovered DSE and we thought it was necessary for the development of our project. In DataStax Enterprise, we store the device detection logs, as well as analysis results and other integrated data.

DataStax: How would you sum up the benefits you’ve achieved with DataStax Enterprise (DSE)?

Sfera: With DSE, it is very easy to setup and to manage entire Apache Cassandra™ clusters. There is also a complete online documentation via DataStax Academy, which makes everything even easier.

DataStax: What caused you to use DataStax Enterprise over open source Apache Cassandra™?

Sfera: We chose DSE because it’s a complete suite and we needed an integrated environment with both analytics and search features.

DataStax: What features from the DataStax Enterprise (DSE) stack are you using at the moment?

Sfera: We use OpsCenter and the analytics feature with Spark and the CFS filesystem for our Wifi data analytics software. We also use search nodes with Solr for an email archiving cloud solution.

DataStax: Tell us about the future of your project, do you intend to leverage other parts of DSE to make it a reality?

Sfera: Definitely, we plan to develop an advanced path analysis using the new Graph feature.

DataStax: What advice would you give to other startups that are thinking about using Apache Cassandra™ for the first time in their solutions?

Sfera: If your projects need a fast, scalable and fault tolerance database for big data, there’s no better choice!



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