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Billy Bosworth, CEO

The Data Platform for the Right-Now Economy

By Billy Bosworth, CEOMarch 15, 2017

We are living in a “right-now economy.” Milliseconds of interaction define life and death for companies because that is now the granularity at which customer engagement is defined. We have the privilege of working with companies across verticals and it is amazing to see how these micro-engagements universally apply. Great experiences for a consumer watching a movie, a patient receiving treatment, a customer buying a prom dress, or a banker making a financial trade all tend to have the same data requirements. I touched on this in a post earlier this year. Apps for everything, accessible from everywhere, and available all the time, have made customers expect great, fast, and simple when they interact with companies in both B2C and B2B contexts. In response, enterprises are building cloud applications that have extraordinary data demands.  

At DataStax, we are the leader in data management for those kinds of cloud applications. And our goal is to be the data platform for the right-now economy.    

To that end, I am excited to share two news announcements today:

  • A new vision, strategy, and solution for our customers so they can address their own critical Customer Experience (CX) needs
  • The latest release of our flagship product, DataStax Enterprise, which is DSE 5.1

I’m going to start with Customer Experience, or CX.

In this right-now economy, one of the most critical CEO initiatives across industries is CX, which means companies are scrambling and struggling to deliver a great customer experience to win and keep their customers. While everyone understands the criticality of CX, they are finding it difficult to implement–but they know failure is not an option. When we work with customers who have experienced this frustration, most often we find data management issues at the heart of the problem.

In response, DataStax is now offering a CX Data Solution that brings together the full complement of our resources and experience to help solve this problem. The CX Data Solution is a combination of our data platform, DataStax Enterprise, plus world-class consulting and training from experts who have helped implement some of the largest real-time data management systems in the world, along with partner integration.

We see that the most critical Customer Experience needs originate with two specific projects: Customer 360 and Real-Time Personalization. Our CX Data Solution is designed to help our customers get those projects up and running quickly and with minimum risk. This enables them to proactively tackle their CX challenges head on in order to bring their CX solutions to market faster and with greater efficiency, creating new opportunities to gain market share. We have some resources to help customers understand both the opportunity and the challenge of executing both Customer 360 (with a great financial services example available) and Real-Time Personalization.

Our focus on solving our customers’ complex CX initiatives is ideally suited for us as the leading provider of data management for cloud applications. We have already installed and built some of the biggest data infrastructures in the world, are running our own CX efforts on our technology, and have begun solving CX challenges for dozens of companies (including Comcast, Macy’s, Penn Mutual, and Macquarie) across many industries.

This added emphasis for us is all about our customers. Pouring our expertise into a prescriptive CX strategy and enterprise solution puts us at the heart of our customers’ most important business imperatives. More importantly, it means that in addition to the great discussions we already have with them regarding technical achievements we make possible, we can also now add discussions about the business value we offer.

In fact, we’ve already been having select conversations around the world with business leaders talking about their CX imperatives and initiatives. (If you wish to attend the next event in London, please register here.)

Now let me shift to the latest release of our flagship product, DataStax Enterprise, version 5.1, and encourage you to register for our DSE 5.1 webinar at that link.

In December 2016, I shared in another post that DataStax is in an era of product development and delivery that innovates in, and on top of, our very important Apache CassandraTM core. At the same time, we must innovate and deliver for our customers’ enterprise demands; with a view towards their entire data management layer across a variety of complex data needs for many cloud applications, in order to speed their time-to-market.  Doing so requires a level of development that goes well beyond our open source core.

DSE 5.1 continues its advancement toward solving always-on data management requirements for cloud applications. It brings three times faster operational analytics performance over the open source Apache Cassandra and Spark™ combination. It provides simplified management for multi-tenant SaaS applications as well as administration and monitoring. We also announced a new DSE Graph with several key enhancements, including tighter integration with search and analytics to easily enable things like fuzzy search capabilities on graph data. We have provided a unified development environment for both DataStax Enterprise Graph and Apache Cassandra. Additionally, we announced the latest versions of DataStax OpsCenter, our web-based visual management and monitoring solution, and DataStax Studio, our interactive tool for developing and visualizing large datasets, as well as updated drivers for all popular development languages.

Both of these announcements highlight our goal to be the data platform for the right-now economy. Both deliver great value we can bring to our customers today. And I want to close with a big thank you to everyone at DataStax who made our CX Data Solution and DSE 5.1 possible.



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