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Diego Ferreira

Nuloox and DataStax Enterprise Offer a Personalized Experience for Website Owners

By Diego FerreiraApril 26, 2017

This post is one in a series of quick-hit interviews with companies using DataStax Enterprise (DSE) for key parts of their business. In this interview, we talked with Itai Raz, co-founder and VP R&D at Nuloox.

DataStax: Hello Itai, thanks a lot for your time today. Can you tell us a bit about Nuloox?

Nuloox: Nuloox is a platform that helps website owners manage all website tools such as plugins, widgets, promotions and ads through a unified dashboard. With Nuloox, you can create personalized, multi-purpose website tools that populate advertising, social sharing, lead capturing and other types of content, manage internal promotions and advertisers, and connect to various third party platforms – all under one roof.

DataStax: What differentiates Nuloox from other companies that offer similar solutions?

Nuloox: Usually, website tools, even if personalized by some technology, are ‘fixed’ in nature. While most website personalization companies focus on building customer profiles and delivering personalized single-type content (such as recommended articles/products engines, placement optimization solutions etc.), Nuloox is focused on personalizing each website tool’s position, behavior, appearance and content, all combined, while looking at the bigger picture and not just optimizing one position or one type of content.

DataStax: Why did you decide to use DataStax Enterprise (DSE)? What kind of data is stored in DataStax Enterprise?

Nuloox: We used MongoDB but soon found out it doesn’t work well for our needs. As more website owners started to use our service to improve their user engagement rates we experienced intermittent performance problems with MongoDB, and we just had to scale our capacity up. We’re currently using DataStax Enterprise to store in Cassandra our analytics data and persistent cache.

DataStax: How would you sum up the benefits you’ve achieved with DataStax Enterprise?

Nuloox: Easy to scale, simple data management and a superb performance.

DataStax: Why did you choose DSE over open source Apache Cassandra™?

Nuloox: First, OpsCenter makes it very easy to monitor and manage Cassandra. Second, seamless integration with Spark. Third, the professional enterprise-level support.

DataStax: What features from the DataStax Enterprise stack are you using at the moment? What business and customer experience outcomes have you achieved by using DataStax Enterprise?

Nuloox: We are using Cassandra, OpsCenter and DSE Analytics (Spark). Not only that DataStax Enterprise stack supported our growth, but also, our customers experienced an additional improvement in their users’ engagement rates due to our new speed and performance.

DataStax: Tell us about the future of your project(s), do you intend to leverage other parts of DSE to make it a reality?

Nuloox: We plan to give our customers with more website tools personalization features in the near future. As we’ll scale up we’ll take more advantage of the DSE Analytics with Spark capabilities.

DataStax: What advice would you give to other startups that are thinking about using Apache Cassandra™ and DSE for the first time in their solutions?

Nuloox: Our decision to trying out Apache Cassandra and DSE paid off right from the very beginning. Having that said, we would advise any startup to learn about the benefits (and limitations) of using Cassandra to choose the best data modeling prior to trying it out. There are great documentations available at DataStax and they are pretty easy to grasp.



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