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DataStax Helps Enterprises Make the Most of their Data Infrastructures with New Webinar Series: Going Beyond Apache Cassandra™

SANTA CLARA, CA – May 4, 2017DataStax, the leader in data management for cloud applications, today announced an educational webinar series to show DataStax Enterprise (DSE) users how to make the most of the always-on data management platform to meet their enterprise requirements. DataStax has been the biggest contributor to the Apache Cassandra project and heavily invested in building and educating the Cassandra community. In this new webinar series, DataStax will explain and demonstrate how DSE goes beyond Cassandra and how it helps users make the most out of their data infrastructures whether in technical or business applications.

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Webinars will be held at 2:00 pm BST / 3:00 pm CET / 9:00 am EDT and 11am PDT / 2pm EDT, including a live question and answer session with technical experts. Recorded versions will be available for download on the DataStax website.

  • Comparing DataStax Enterprise with Open Source Apache Cassandra – May 16, 2017
    Apache Cassandra is the open source database technology that pioneered distributed data at scale. DataStax Enterprise, powered by the best distribution of Apache Cassandra, gives you up to 2x better compaction throughput, 3x better operational analytics performance, ease-of-use, and a secure, comprehensive multi-model data platform including search and operational analytics integrated with Cassandra to help you take on whatever challenges you might face along the way.
  • Supporting today’s connected customer with DSE Graph – May 24, 2017
    For today’s always-connected customer, modern digital cloud applications need to manage highly connected data with seemingly endless data relationships. DataStax Enterprise with DSE Graph is the only distributed data platform able to support the transactional and analytical complex data relationships contained in such systems. Learn how DSE Graph can support your highly connected systems and answer questions such as,  how do my customers interact with my business, where is the bottleneck in my supply chain, what recommendation makes the most sense for my customer in a particular moment?
  • Hands-off scale: an intro to cloud options and services – June 14, 2017
    Apache Cassandra was built for the cloud, ready for both its seemingly endless elasticity as well to avoid disruption from outages that have become all too common. DataStax helps you take full advantage of what the cloud has to offer while removing the overhead and complexity of managing a distributed database system like DataStax Enterprise.

Learn more and register for these upcoming webinars on the DataStax website here.

About DataStax

It starts with a human desire, and when a universe of technology, devices and data aligns, it ends in a moment of fulfillment and insight. Billions of these moments occur each second around the globe. They are moments that can define an era, launch an innovation, and forever alter for the better how we relate to our environment. DataStax is the power behind the moment. Built on the unique architecture of Apache Cassandra™, DataStax Enterprise is the always-on data platform and has been battle-tested for the world’s most innovative, global applications.

With more than 500 customers in over 50 countries, DataStax provides data management to the world’s most innovative companies, such as Netflix, Safeway, ING, Adobe, Intuit, Target and eBay. Based in Santa Clara, Calif., DataStax is backed by industry-leading investors including Comcast Ventures, Crosslink Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Meritech Capital, Premji Invest and Scale Venture Partners. For more information, visit or follow us on @DataStax.

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