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New DataStax Managed Cloud Simplifies Delivering Cloud Applications at Scale

By Martin Van RyswykMay 23, 2017

Last fall we announced the acquisition of DataScale and told you it was going to be the core of an exciting new offering: DataStax Managed Cloud. Today, I am proud to say this service has launched and is now available for our DataStax Enterprise (DSE) customers. The release of DataStax Managed Cloud marks the third and final pillar in our current strategy to help you get the best business returns and maximum business potential from your data infrastructure.

What does DataStax Managed Cloud do for you?

DataStax Managed Cloud combines the best DataStax products and services in one bundle:

  • DataStax Enterprise, built on the best distribution of Apache Cassandra™, which offers advanced functionality designed to accelerate your ability to create intelligent and compelling cloud applications. Integrated within each node of DSE is powerful indexing, search, analytics and graph functionality.
  • Expert day-to-day management including provisioning, monitoring,  error handling, scaling, backup, and more. A fully-managed data platform, DataStax Managed Cloud is available on Amazon Web Services with expansion to Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure coming soon. It completes our array of database management options, which include a DIY approach with DSE and OpsCenter in customers’ own datacenters, and bespoke solutions managed with the help of DataStax Professional Services.
  • White glove service featuring our proven support and professional services. DataStax Managed Cloud goes beyond the administrative and day-to-day operations of DSE. It includes up-front proactive expert assistance to give you more insight and guidance to develop and tune your applications. As always, we are here to help you power the moment that matters to your customers.

We built DataStax Managed Cloud so you can focus on your core business. Focus on business innovation for your customers, not managing a distributed data platform.  Use that free time and talent to accelerate your time-to-market or implement important hybrid cloud plans. Leave the operations to us.

We know the stakes are high for organizations to deliver engaging experiences in today’s right-now economy and we believe DataStax Managed Cloud will provide another powerful tool to help you do so. I encourage you to learn more about DataStax Managed Cloud by attending the webinar: Hands-off Scale: An Intro to DataStax Managed Cloud.



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