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DataStax Forms Developer Relations Team to Support DataStax Enterprise and Apache Cassandra™ Advancements

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–September 7, 2017–Developers and other technical distributed database professionals such as administrators, operators, and those working with DataStax Enterprise and Apache Cassandra will now be fully supported by DataStax’s new Developer Relations team. The Developer Relations team is solely dedicated to providing expert guidance and support to the technical community and brings DataStax’s passion for its users and long-standing pioneering work with DataStax Enterprise and Apache Cassandra to the next level.

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“We wouldn’t be where we are today without the countless technical professionals who have dedicated time to improving Apache Cassandra and, as a result, influencing our own product, DataStax Enterprise, which is now the world’s best distribution of Apache Cassandra,” said Billy Bosworth, CEO of DataStax. “DataStax has long been at the forefront in developing the open source version of Apache Cassandra and we’ve grown a huge community of developers, architects, operators, and technical users along the way. Our new Developer Relations team expands and continues our deep support for this community.”

As VP of Developer Relations, Patrick McFadin will be leading the newly formed and growing DataStax Developer Relations team. Patrick has a broad background in engineering and database architectures and his 25 years in the industry span a variety of roles across technology vendors, developer communities, consulting, and academia. Patrick is particularly well known among Apache Cassandra developers for his seven years of pivotal community roles including championing the Cassandra Summit and Cassandra Days.

The DataStax developer relations team will maintain and expand educational content and courses through the highly popular DataStax Academy website, which provides free video content and expert-driven curricula that are up-to-date, relevant, technically deep, and on-demand. Currently, DataStax Academy is enrolling over 1,000 new technical professionals each week for its professional online training content.

Additionally, the developer relations team, with head evangelist Jeffrey Carpenter, co-author of Cassandra: The Definitive Guide, is engaging the user community as peers, while acting as advocates for users within DataStax, providing insight and expertise into innovation and solution design. Developers can access the team to learn how and when to best use DataStax products, and for continued developer advice on Apache Cassandra.

“I am excited to launch this team and look forward to continuing to work closely with the developer, architect, operator, and technical user communities,” said Patrick McFadin. “Together, we do amazing things and we look forward to supporting the people who use DataStax Enterprise and Apache Cassandra and make it the very best they can be.”

More information on the DataStax developer relations team can be found online at or by sending an email to

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