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Asset Control Deploys DataStax to Develop New Cloud-Deployed Market and Reference Data Platform

LONDON and SANTA CLARA, Calif. – November 7, 2017 – In advance of FIMA Europe 2017, DataStax, a leader in data management for cloud applications, and Asset Control today announced that DataStax Enterprise (DSE) is powering the development of Asset Control’s new cloud-deployed, NoSQL financial data management platform.

Asset Control has deep data management domain expertise and a proven track record of developing solutions that enable complex mastering of data from unlimited sources of market data, reference, and pricing. Asset Control’s new market and reference data platform, powered by DSE, is designed to consume, in real-time, vast amounts of data and empower business users within financial organisations without impacting IT.

The use of DSE will significantly reduce the time to delivery of critical data to Asset Control customers, which include organisations such as ING, Standard Chartered, Erste Group, The World Bank, Commerzbank and Raiffeisen Bank. The powerful data layer that DSE provides allows Asset Control business and operational users to easily search, acquire, and store market data, including sources that do not require a traditional mastering process, such us alternative data sets, proprietary data, and others.

DSE will enable Asset Control customers to easily access and have better control of their financial data on-premise, and in multi-cloud or hybrid cloud deployments, in real-time at scale – which is very difficult to achieve with traditional databases. With the use of DSE, Asset Control customers benefit from lower cost data management as well as improved risk and compliance management.

“We are pleased to be working with DataStax to create this new platform, which is focused on improving accessibility to and processing of data including data that clients master through AC Plus. By leveraging new technologies, such as Apache Cassandra™, Spark, and enterprise Solr search as well as security as part of the standard functionality of DataStax Enterprise, we are raising the bar in scalability and data transfer performance and at the same time providing clients with powerful tools to manipulate ­this data,” said Mark Hepsworth, CEO of Asset Control. “We have a strong heritage in data management and are very excited about the innovation we are introducing and the future set of data management problems we will be able to solve for clients.”

“Asset Control needed a highly scalable, real-time data management platform to deliver the needs of their financial services customers, and we’re pleased that DSE is helping them solve that need,” said Karl Van den Bergh, CMO, DataStax. “DSE was selected for its production readiness, scalability, enterprise-level security and integrated analytics and search capabilities and is helping Asset Control respond to today’s ‘right now’ economy.”

To learn more about the relationship, visit the Asset Control booth at FIMA Europe 2017 (Booth #38).

About DataStax

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About Asset Control

Asset Control provides high performance financial data management systems to the world’s top financial institutions, including G-SIBs and investment managers. Whether for operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, independent valuation, or risk management, we deliver data with efficiency, transparency and integrity. For more information visit or follow us on @Asset_Control.