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Install Cassandra, CQL, and OpsCenter in 5 Minutes? You Bet!

date: November 1, 2011

If you think that installing Cassandra software is difficult and time-consuming, well, think again. We’ve just posted a new video to our new Cassandra Essentials tutorial series where I walk through installing Cassandra, the new CQL (Cassandra Query Language) utility, and DataStax OpsCenter on a Debian 6 machine in five minutes. And this is with my running commentary and performing small demonstrations of the utilities and OpsCenter, so the actual install time is even less.

Now, granted, this is done using the Cassandra defaults and is only a single-node machine install. But if you’re new to Cassandra and just wanting to kick the tires, this is pretty much what you’ll do. We’ll post some more tutorials showing more involved, multi-node cluster installs so be looking for those soon.

Be sure to check out the install tutorial when you have time. Also, be sure to download and try out our DataStax Community and Enterprise editions and let us know what you think.

Thanks again for your support of Cassandra and DataStax!


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