Built by the team that authors the DataStax Drivers for Apache Cassandra™, the DataStax Apache Kafka Connector capitalizes on the best practices of ingesting to DataStax Enterprise (DSE) while delivering enterprise-grade resiliency and security.

Modern architectures are made up of a diverse landscape of technologies, each serving its purpose within the data ecosystem. Apache Kafka fits naturally as a distributed queue for event-driven architectures, serving as a buffer layer to transport the messages to the database and surrounding technologies.

There is no better solution in the market to complement Apache Kafka than DSE. As an operational data layer and hybrid cloud database, DSE delivers a multi-model persistent data store that never goes down and scales horizontally to deliver real-time access that is needed to serve enriched, personalized applications.

Automatic Ingest from Kafka to DSE

The DataStax Apache Kafka Connector is the bridge that allows data to seamlessly move from Apache Kafka to DSE in event-driven architectures. Known in the Kafka Connect framework as a sink, the key features of this connector are its market-leading performance, flexibility, security, and visibility. All of this is offered with DataStax Basic, DSE, and DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra subscriptions at no additional cost.

As mentioned, the DataStax Apache Kafka Connector is built by the experts that develop and maintain Apache Cassandra’s drivers. Without going into the weeds, the same techniques used in the DataStax Bulk Loader that proved to outperform all other bulk loading solutions for Cassandra are also leveraged in the connector.


The design of this sink considers the varying data structures that are found in Apache Kafka, and the selective mapping functionality in the connector allows the user to specify the Kafka fields that should be written to DSE columns. This allows for a single connector instance to read from multiple Apache Kafka topics and write to many DSE tables, thereby removing the burden of managing several connector instances. Whether the Apache Kafka data is in Avro, JSON, or string format, the DataStax Apache Kafka Connector extends advanced parsing to account for the wide range of data inputs.


One of the core value propositions of DSE is its enterprise-grade security. With built-in SSL, LDAP/Active Directory, and Kerberos integration, DSE contains the tools needed to achieve strict compliance regulations for the connection from client to server. These security features are also included in the DataStax Apache Kafka Connector, ensuring that the connection between the connector and the data store is secure.


In regards to visibility and error handling, we know that in complex distributed environments, things are bound to hit points of failure. The engineering team at DataStax took special care to account for these error scenarios and all of the intelligence of the DataStax Drivers is applied in the DataStax Apache Kafka Connector. Additionally, there are metrics included that give the operator visibility into the failure rate and latency indicators as the messages pass from Kafka to DSE.

Available Now

We are excited to release this connector and improve the interoperability of DSE in the data ecosystem for DSE versions 5.0 and above. Stay tuned for coming blogs that will detail advanced usage of this sink, visit our documentation and examples for more information, and download the new connector today to try out in your own environment.

Learn about the DataStax Apache Kafka Connector in this short course.

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