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Developer Newsletter: DataStax Examples: Your One-Stop Shop for Copy-Paste Code

This issue is guest-edited by Rebecca Mills (@rebccamills), DataStax Developer Learning:

We are excited to officially launch the DataStax Examples program! Our goal is to provide a great collection of code samples and demo applications to the Cassandra community. We want to help you get from zero to working application -- fast!

We’ll highlight a new example in each newsletter. Here’s our example of the week: 

Getting Started with Apache Cassandra™ and Java using DataStax Astra

Contributed by: @bechbd @clun @csplinter @msmygit

This example provides a REST backend built in Java using Spring Boot for use with the Getting Started with Astra UI. This application serves as the connection between the UI and an underlying Astra database. Once it is running, you can use the Swagger UI to visualize and interact with the API’s resources. To get up and running even faster, there is an option to build a Docker image of this project.

Patrick McFadin (@PatrickMcFadin), VP of Developer Relations, walks us through how to set up and run this example: YouTube Video 

We need your help!

Become a contributor! We are striving to grow DataStax Examples, with a variety of different samples created by the community, for the community. Give this example a try, and then:

  • Create a Github issue to capture a bug, or suggest an improvement. 
  • Fork the repository, make some changes yourself, and submit a PR.
  • Have an example to contribute? Fill out the DataStax Examples Submission Form with the details -- you could win a cool t-shirt!
  • Got a question? Email us at



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Burning Questions

Here are some interesting discussions we’ve been following:

What would you like to hear more about? Do you have a story to share? We’d love your feedback: | @DataStaxDevs

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Open-Source, Scale-Out, Cloud-Native NoSQL Database