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Best Data Management Strategy for Hybrid Cloud

Best Data Management Strategy for Hybrid Cloud

Almost every company is already using the cloud or thinking of moving at least part of their IT architecture to the cloud. But how can today’s enterprises take full advantage of hybrid or multi-cloud architectures without creating data silos and stifling innovation?

In a hybrid cloud architecture, enterprise applications and their corresponding states run on databases that are both on-premise and in the cloud. This means that the applications and databases are running on different cloud systems, one run and managed by the enterprise and the other owned and operated by a cloud provider.

In most cases, enterprises may have multiple data centers across geographies and operating in various cloud regions to support their operations around the world.

Take, for example, an enterprise application where customers and internal users around the world can access an application on the internet from various devices.  The mobile or web application running on the user's device or web browser needs to pull data from the nearest on-premises data center or cloud region and deliver it back to the customer in real time, and vice-versa, where information based on customer interactions needs to be written back to the database. Architecture matters here; in order to get customers and end users instant responsiveness, the data and the applications served from a nearby data center need to be always available, even during system upgrades.

Hybrid states and deployments create data silos, and coordinating between these data silos across different clouds becomes a significant challenge. In the absence of a database management system designed to address these challenges, enterprises exert a considerable amount of manual effort to bring data parity across clouds.

Enterprises need to recognize that a hybrid cloud deployment is not the same as a hybrid database and need to find a data management approach that provides data consistently and seamlessly across different cloud configurations.

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