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Introducing DataStax Langflow: Design and Test GenAI Apps with Ease

The intuitive drag-and-drop visual interface for LangChain and LangSmith offers dozens of integrations with the top GenAI tools.
Preethi Srinivasan
Preethi SrinivasanVice president, product management
Introducing DataStax Langflow: Design and Test GenAI Apps with Ease

Building generative AI applications takes a lot of time. Trying different kinds of chunking and prompts, selecting new models, selecting another embedding engine—switching out and testing all of these components to get more accurate, relevant results is a very slow process. 

What if it was as easy as dragging and dropping your app components and retesting via an easy-to-use visual interface? 

Enter DataStax Langflow. It’s a visual framework that makes it easier for developers to quickly experiment, design, and test RAG applications and GenAI apps using any vector database, embedding model, or LLM, without having to install open-source Langflow on their machine.

The cloud-hosted, drag-and-drop visual interface for LangChain and LangSmith boasts dozens of integrations with the top GenAI tools: OpenAI, Hugging Face, MongoDB, Pinecone, and more. DataStax Astra DB environment details will be readily available in Langflow and users will be able access Langflow via the Astra Portal. Usage will be free.

DataStax Langflow provides several key benefits to developers:

  1. LangChain made easy - Langflow is an immensely simplified, drag-and-drop UI and prebuilt components for building apps with LangChain and top GenAI tools. 

  2. No setup - No installation or complex configuration is required, enabling developers to dive straight into building apps without any setup overhead.

  3. Secure environment - Developers can leverage a secure and reliable cloud platform without the need to manage public Hugging Face spaces.

  4. Integrated Astra DB access - Astra DB environment details are readily available within the Langflow environment, enabling developers to stay within the Langflow playground and continue experimenting seamlessly.

  5. Flexibility and choice - Developers can continue to choose from a wide range of vector databases, embedding models, and LLMs (just like they would in open-source Langflow), ensuring they have the right tools for their specific needs.

  6. Fast iteration and control -  Visual tools to control the flow of messages, manage conversations, and swap components and models for fast iteration and testing.

  7. Prebuilt components and projects - Dozens of customizable components and example projects for powerful RAG and agent data flows.  

DataStax Langflow is free for developers to use.

DataStax Langflow in action

It’s easy to experiment with GenAI applications with Langflow.  You can either log directly into DataStax Langflow or log into Astra DB and Select “Build an app with Langflow.”' 

 View your Langflow GenAI application flows in My Collection or create a new Project.

Go to Playground to experiment with your GenAI app. Drag and drop models, embeddings, helpers, and vector stores of your choice. If you choose to use Astra DB, simply select your database and collection name from the auto-populated list in the Astra DB vector component.

Now run your application!

For more information, check out the DataStax Langflow documentation.

Build GenAI apps with DataStax Langflow

By removing the barriers to entry and offering an easy, secure, unified environment, DataStax Langflow empowers developers of all levels to explore the exciting realm of GenAI applications. So ditch the complex setups and join the GenAI revolution with DataStax Langflow.

Sign in to DataStax Langflow and start experimenting!


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