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Introducing the DataStax Premium Support Program

Introducing the DataStax Premium Support Program

We get it. Database management can be hard—especially in a cloud world with zettabytes of data points. Managing your NoSQL database can get complicated really fast. 

At DataStax, we understand that perfectly, which is why we’re thrilled to announce the launch of two new premium support offerings: Named Engineer and Technical Account Manager.

Both Premium Support services will replace our existing premium support offering and are add-on options geared toward our enterprise customers. These premium support services also enhance our standard DataStax Support and DataStax Luna services.

Premium Support

Instead of having a one-size-fits-all support product, enterprises can tailor their DataStax support services to meet the unique demands of their businesses and ensure positive experiences for their users and customers.

Named Engineer

The Named Engineer subscription brings an experienced, highly technical support engineer in the customer’s preferred time zone into the fold. This individual serves as an extension of the team and has the deep understanding needed to address any technical issues that may emerge. This premium support offering gives customers access to a 15-minute SLA for urgent tickets.

Simply put, the Named Engineer offering provides continuity and consistency when raising tickets and interacting with DataStax Support.

Technical Account Manager

Whereas the Named Engineer responds to requests, the Technical Account Manager (TAM) is focused on proactively understanding the customer’s production environment and unique challenges they expect to face over the year. 

Each month, the TAM will meet with the customer’s team and each quarter, the individual will visit on-site. During these meetings, the TAM will share information on the customer's clusters, operational trends, and recommend upgrade paths and patch levels. They will also suggest improvements based on an analysis of their usage of DataStax and conduct a cluster health assessment to find out what might be done to optimize the customer’s production environment.

The TAM is charged with proactively mapping out what the customer needs to be successful and delivering on those needs. This premium support offering gives customers access to a 15-minute SLA for urgent tickets.  

Ready to optimize your DataStax experience?

We're proud to be the experts in Apache Cassandra and NoSQL. 

Our expanding support services will provide white-glove support to our customers, which are some of the world's largest enterprises—like McDonald's, eBay, Cisco, and Capital One

For the last ten years, we've solved the most difficult database challenges, and 2020 will be no different. We look forward to seeing what’s in store!

For more information on these new Premium Support offerings, visit DataStax Premium Support.


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