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Maintaining 100% Uptime this Holiday Season

Maintaining 100% Uptime this Holiday Season

In order to get the most out of what’s shaping up to be the biggest holiday season ever, organizations need reliable tech infrastructure that delivers 100% uptime. It’s that simple. 

When systems don’t operate as designed, sales suffer. At the very least, when a website isn’t working, transactions can’t be finalized. And in the age of instant gratification, when an eCommerce website doesn’t load quickly, customers may very well decide to look elsewhere for a substitute. We all know how frustrating it is when a website isn’t working properly, after all. 

To get the most out of this holiday season—including the heavily trafficked Cyber Monday—eCommerce retailers need to serve up exemplary user experiences even during the busiest shopping times. To do that, they need predictable, scale-out architecture that can support peak-traffic periods.

Despite that, a recent report from 451 Research found that 56% of organizations are still relying on database technology built for a pre-internet world. 

Phrased another way, forward-thinking organizations have an incredible opportunity to upgrade their database technology to delight their own customers. At the same time, they might also be able to steal some businesses from their competitors that simply aren’t capable of scaling to accommodate any number of users.

The case for Cassandra this holiday season

When you’re dealing with computers, it’s only a matter of time before something fails and a system stops working properly.

Apache Cassandra™, the open source NoSQL database, was designed with this reality in mind. Instead of focusing on disaster recovery, Cassandra focuses on disaster avoidance. This is part of the reason why we believe that Cassandra is the go-to database for the holiday season.

Cassandra’s masterless architecture means it has no single point of failure. Since data is automatically replicated across nodes in a cluster and across data centers, applications remain online even in the event a node or an entire region gets knocked offline.

What’s more, Cassandra also has predictable linear scalability. If two nodes can handle 50,000 transactions/second and 500 gigabytes of storage, for example, four nodes can handle 100,000 transactions/second and 1,000 gigabytes of storage. As such, companies can scale their systems to support however many concurrent users access their websites and applications.

Add it all up, and Cassandra’s architecture enables companies to run robust analytics, search, and transactional workflows all at once—without any hiccups.

RevTrax solves availability issues with DataStax Enterprise

RevTrax helps companies enjoy more successful digital marketing campaigns by enabling them to easily run and track the effectiveness of their campaigns across channels.

Recently, RevTrax experienced an all-too-common problem: their relational database was becoming unreliable and struggled to scale with writes—particularly during high-traffic periods. To deliver strong experiences to users, RevTrax had to shut their site down during rigid maintenance windows (e.g., for eight hours on a Sunday), which adversely affected their business.

“If we go down, you’ll see an outage on our client’s websites—which is unacceptable,” explains Greg Hansen, CTO and co-founder of RevTrax. “Our system needs to be available 100% of the time.”

Seeking a more reliable way forward, RevTrax migrated to DataStax Enterprise (DSE), a modern database built on the best distribution of Cassandra. As a result, their systems were able to scale to handle holiday traffic volumes while reducing latency and improving performance.

For more information on RevTrax’s journey to DSE and the results they’ve experienced because of it, check out this webinar.

Is your company ready to dominate this holiday season?

We all know what happens when systems can’t scale and aren’t reliable. Employees get stressed, customers get irritated, and profitability takes a turn for the worse.

To make the most out of this holiday season—and decrease the chances you end up spending any time in the server room—you need to take a good hard look at your infrastructure to see whether you’re prepared for the influx of traffic that’s right around the corner.

Is your technology ready for the holidays? Take this quiz and read this white paper to find out!



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