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Migrating Data from Apache Cassandra to DataStax Managed Cloud (Yes – It’s Easy)

Migrating Data from Apache Cassandra to DataStax Managed Cloud (Yes – It’s Easy)

There are a lot of things to love about open source software: its, well, openness to anyone who wants to use it or tinker with it; its versatility and flexibility; its relative affordability.

That said, at the end of the day, when it comes to enterprises and mission-critical applications, standalone open source software just isn’t enough.

The key problem with just open source software is two-fold:

  1. It’s not enterprise-ready: security is a problem and support is a problem with open source software..
  2. It requires a significant amount of in-house resources to manage.

The good news is there’s DataStax Managed Cloud, a fully managed database built on the best distribution of Apache Cassandra. With DataStax Managed Cloud, you have experts manage your database for you, freeing you to innovate instead of handle administration and operations.

The first step, though, is migrating your data from your open source platform to the managed cloud — something we’ve made pretty easy to do.

The Two Main Questions

When it comes to migrating your data from Cassandra to DataStax Managed Cloud, there are two sides to the issue: Application migration and database migration.

On the application side, the question is, Do I need to change any code?

The answer is no — you don’t.

DataStax provides the full compatibility to migrate data from the Cassandra environment to the DataStax environment, so essentially no coding changes are required.

On the database migration side, we use professional services to migrate data from the Apache Cassandra environment to the DataStax environment, and then move that over to DataStax Managed Cloud. We also provide tools like Bulk Loader that are designed to make it easy to migrate your data into DataStax Managed Cloud.

Azure + DataStax = Easy and Endless Hybrid Cloud Deployment Possibilities

For the full picture on how DataStax and Azure combine to provide Right-Now Enterprises with the foundation for relevant, contextual, always available applications, listen to our webinar: DataStax and Microsoft: Empowering the Right-Now Enterprise with Real-Time Apps at Cloud Scale.



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